A Swedish Transvestite in fetishclothes


I am a young, good-looking transvestite at 30 years old of age. I seek men/transvestites etc for hot sexuall encounters at my place or another. I am submissive and passive, love hard analsex more than all else. Get turned on by a dominant, active, hard man who want's control in the bed, but open for any suggestions from any man also.

I am slender and have a shaved body mostly, my body is feminine and well-shaped. About 179 cm tall. I have had siliconebreasts (not operated) but not for the moment, I do look forward to the day when I can afford new ones though. I have a firm bottom, and dark hair.

One negative thing for the moment, it was a sunny summer and I did get a great tan, but forgot at the time to shave (as I did not perform as a "girl" during the summer) and therefore have a small beard and mustache centered around my mouth. Looks good as a guy but not as feminine when i do dress as a girl. Therefore its only slavehood that I use for the moment, and I dont shave my legs and arms for the moment, but that is easy to conceal with sexy clothes. I do shave around my ass and around my "clit" etc.

Within sex I get turned on by most things, both hard & soft sex, bondage, s/m (light), roleplay and most things. I love to feel a hard cock slide inbetween my redpainted lips, but most of all I love to feel a cock penetrate my ass and to be hard and intensively fucked analy preferably when being tied up.

I greatly enjoy to dress in provocative, good-looking as well as trashy whore clothes, especially in leather, pvc, rubberclothes etc. One example: Thigh high leather boots with stiletto heels, long tight leather gloves, short leather skirt with a matching leather top, short sexy leather jacket and a slavehood in leather that is open för mouth and eyes (have a blindfold too:) I have a LOT of female clothes, mostly leather and rubber, but also other items.

I have a lot of female clothes in leather and rubber and love to dress up in them. I cab't do make-up yet though, mainly because my skin don't like most products, therefore I use a slavehood in leather or rubber as well as a sexy red lipstick. This turns me on the most, or a wig and lipstick in certain cases, but I do prefer the slave style with a hood.

I have a girlfriend that know about this (but she's not interrested in participating) till 100% so it's no problems in beeing at my place (alone) . Kondom is a demand in both oral and anal sex, I am 100% healthy and wish to continue to be that... but have at the same time never tasted sperm, or felt when a man comes in my ass, so if you have been tested recently I might be persuaded to try without.

I ab bisexuall, but you may have any sexuall preference at all. Photo and video is also an interrest to me.

Write to me and describe yourself, what you get turned on in sex, what type of dress you like to see me in, what and if you have any clothes in leather or rubber, hur well-endowed you are, and if you smoke or drink.

If you are 2 or more guys, you can also write to me as I'd like to have sex with more than one....

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