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What is the All Ohio State Fair Youth Choir?

The All Ohio State Fair Youth Choir (AOSFYC), named "Ohio's Singing Ambassadors of Good Will," is a group of 200 Ohio high school students who gather together during the summer - 5 days before the Ohio State Fair begins, and begin to rehearse. The AOSFYC, the only group of its kind in the United States, entertains fairgoers, performing 6 to 8 times a day. This is well over a hundred performances by the time the fair is over.


Who would be crazy enough to do that?!

Who? Well, me and hundreds of others. Here is a picture of the insane people wishing to do that this year:

"...and friends are friends forever, if the Lord's the lord of them. And a friend will not say never 'cause the welcome will not end..."

Look at all those psychos!

But in reality, the AOSFYC is the most wonderful experience that I have ever had. I've made great friends that I wouldn't have met otherwise. And that is one of the most important things about the AOSFYC. Friends. And that's the song that is playing in the background. =)

This is Mary Ann. She was one of my best friends when I was at the Fair.

Luv ya, hon! =) *Hugs*


This Bethany and me on Toga Day! (Toga, toga!) Bethany, have you seen my goat?


Brent and John, two of my dorm-mates. Brent slept in the bunk above me. It's always nice to have someone to complain with. And John slept in the corner of the room (the bed you can see in the far upper-right corner). John always made me laugh. =)

Ah, the trumpets are blaring! The staff was bored one day and decided to wake us in their own special way. It's obvious why they weren't trumpet players.

Here I am in all my glory with Andy, one of our pianists. He's awesome. Best of luck in New York, doll! =)

Here we are at ODNR Ampitheatre, performing the dramatic ending to "Battle Hymn of the Republic." If you care where I am sitting, look for my circled face. =P
"His truth is marching on.. Ammmmmmmmmen!"

Here's another picture of us at ODNR as we perform the moving song "Friends."

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! Oh, we did plenty of that. =) Directing us for this song is Sarah Seymour.

Here is Andy Graham, in the dorms.

Here is my good friend Bethany. =) Watch out for that goat.

This is Jaylene, another great friend of mine. She's starting an AOSFYC site of her own.. I'll give you the link as soon as it's up.

This is a picture of Bethany and Ragina.. I always made their lives... interesting.

Here is Ragina flashin' dem poilee whites. *L*

Don't even ask about this one. *L*



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"All Through the Night"

"Amazing Grace"


"Be the One"

"Blue Moon"

"Everybody Rejoice!"


"God Help the Outcasts"

"Halle, Hallelujah"


"Hush! Somebody's Calling My Name"

"In the Still of the Night"

"I Am But a Small Voice"

"Lean On Me"

"Let Freedom Ring!"

"Let Me Ride"

"One World, One Voice, One Song"

"Paul Revere's Ride" (The Concord Hymn)

The Pledge of Allegiance

"The Prayer of Peace"

"Seeds Grow to Plants"


"Song For the Mira"

"Vive l'amour"

"The Water Is Wide"



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