Travels with Gelding  

Here's a brief synopsis of my gay life, with very little of the graphic sexual writing such as I did for Drummer magazine, or for other publications. I've listed the sections as links so you can browse selectively if you prefer instead of diving into the text.

Upstate New York

The Syracuse New York area is heavy with snow in the winter, being in New York state's snow belt. It gets smacked with snow from Lake Ontario as well as the strong storms that come from Lake Erie. I grew up in Camillus and went to college near Utica, never leaving the snow until I went into military service. In high school, I would ski to school, about a mile or so. Snowfalls on the college campus sometimes left 20ft drifts. The novelty at the first snow of the season quickly wore off. I lived in a fraternity house some distance down the hill. It was always a long hike to class, but in the winter (it has snowed as late as May 10th, by the way), we would sometimes resort to snowshoes.

No longer sexually confused

As a teen, I was confused with sex. I knew I liked males at an early age. There was never any question about that. Males turned me on. My family never mentioned the word "homosexual", and I was clueless in Camillus as to sex. I actually thought I was totally alone in liking males instead of females. I enjoyed sports and played on the school soccer team, but I got erections in the shower and blushed like crazy when another guy saw me like that. Girls simply didn't evoke the same reaction.

My sister's first husband (now deceased - no connection), an ex-sailor, educated me one night as I was in their home babysitting their 1 and 2yo daughters. My sister worked the night shift at an electronics assembly plant, and her husband got home late from his job, so I would come over to babysit the kids and give them dinner between the time she left for work and he arrived home. One night, he came home, asked me to stay while he showered, then sat next to me with just his towel on. After a little "I'll show yo mine...", he got right to sex. No, it wasn't rape. He invited me to start things off, then I let him be "top". It turned out to be pleasurable for me.

After, I wasn't ashamed or embarrassed. Instead, I had an incredible feeling of relief to know that my wanting sex with another male was shared by someone else. Remember that this was in the 60s, when Nixon was in office. No sex ed yet in high school, and my parents had told me about the biology and straight sex, but that only made me frustrated. I wanted to be normal to satisfy my parents, but girls I dated could tell I was not responding to them like other boys. I seriously had thoughts about suicide because it hurt so bad being different. I sort of fell in love with my brother-in-law for a while, but he lost interest in me after a few once a month sessions. Meanwhile, I happened to get lucky in finding a like-oriented classmate, and we became close friends and occasional sex playmates. We were hampered by lack of experience, but we put a lot into getting more. I no longer hid my erections in the shower. After all, that was how I met my gay classmate, when we saw each other aroused.

North Texas in the winter

Military service took me to Texas. Winter in Wichita Falls is not great. Not much snow, but lots of sleet and freezing rain. Icicles would form on the barracks at an angle from the constant wind. We marched three miles to school at 0600. The first weekend I was there, the airmen's club burned to the ground, and that meant Saturday night steak dinners, for those who wanted to avoid the mess hall, were no more. I was there twice, both times in the winter. The second time was as an officer, years later, and I immediately went to the one gay bar in a 100 miles and it closed that first weekend. I still had to walk three miles to class, and now I had to salute all the enlisted men along the way. Slim chance of getting lucky at the officers' club, and fooling around with enlisted men was equally unlikely, but that one sergeant in the steam room at the gym...

Denver, the opera, my studly roommate

Military service then took me to Denver Colorado to Lowry AFB where I taught [classified] courses. I was on the commanding general's wife's "stud list" of bachelor officers who would escort unattached females to social events at the request of the general's wife. I ended up with a season ticket to the Denver Opera, 2nd row balcony center. I was a perfect escort, never getting involved with any female I escorted, the perfect gentleman. Offstage, I coupled with my drop dead gorgeous handsome BOQ stud roommate the fairy godmother department had blessed me with and that I was lucky enough to find out was available. 6ft 4, brick s---house build, curly blue-black hair, bright blue eyes, full lips, dense curly black chest hair over clear white skin (northerner), and world class sex hound, he fulfilled all of my qualifications and a lot else besides. Being a sailor, he went off to sea. I went to a Marine base in Virginia to teach Marines.

The sexy lure of jogging Marine butts  

Quantico was fun. Picture a couple thousand shirtless male Marines in brief red shorts jogging at lunch time. I followed the pack daily. The lure was irresistible. Also, some of my students discovered me in a gay leather bar in DC, and two wanted to follow me home, but I explained teacher and student don't go to bed together. A year later was another matter.

One night, my lover brought home a former student of mine that he had found in a leather bar in DC, then discovered the Marine and I knew each other and wanted to be alone together for a little frolic, so he went back out to troll some more. It was fun. The next morning, alter boy lover, dressed in three piece suit for duty as an altar boy in the high Episcopal church he went to, brought us breakfast in bed, eggs Benedict for two with coffee and rolls on the silver tea service tray, before leaving for church. He was ever the thoughtful one. The Marine had orders for Twenty-nine Palms in California, and I never saw him again.

The problem with military men is that they move around a lot, you meet them when they are in class and then they're gone, or they get orders to far away places. I met an airman I liked, but he was only there on temporary duty and then he was headed for Caribou Maine. That is remote.

Hell's Angels - NOT

I joined a gay "bike" club in DC. It was not like straight bike clubs. Some members didn't own bikes. They were too busy otherwise. I demonstrated how to ride a large motorcycle side-saddle at one of the "runs". Once. A large bike is unforgiving, and I had been lucky.

I started seeing an older gentleman member of another club in Philadelphia. It was pretty kinky. He made leather vests and chaps and liked to shave men, all over. He took one look at me in a bar one night and invited me to come to his place. I did, and he strapped me into a barber chair and gave me a very close haircut. He then strapped me naked to a massage table and then shaved off all my teddy bear fur, all over my body, with a straight razor, even around those delicate parts. It felt very different. Then he took me out to a leather bar to show off his latest boy toy and gave me to another Top for the night. It was a real experience. The Top who borrowed me for the night was into bondage and tickling. I never laughed so hard in all my life, and it was one of the most sexually exciting things I've ever experienced. The next morning, we both enjoyed listening to Beverly Sills singing Bellini's opera Norma as we dined on eggs Benedict prepared by the Top's live-in cook.

Sex secret

Shave a hairy guy totally smooth all over his body, then he feels every touch on his denuded body as an entirely new sensation, with heightened sensation. I discovered there is a whole gay scene devoted to men who like to tie other men up and then tickle them. There are also those men who like to make themselves subservient to others. I found one lover in the DC Eagle in Washington DC as he lay on the floor of the bar licking my military issue combat boots to a true spit polish. He held a cigar in one hand and a cognac in the other, and licked my boots between going from one hand to the other. He later confided in me that he was overcome with lust after smelling my new leather motorcycle jacket. He was the altar boy, by the way.

Finally Florida

Florida beckoned, and my employer fortuitously transferred me to where the boys are. I sold the old Arlington manse to a nice gay couple (who have since nearly gutted the house in their remodeling and nearly doubled its worth - most gays merely like to arrange flowers and furniture - these two move walls).

I bought a nice house on New River, where I can sit afternoons in the sun with a tall one (cocktail) and watch other people's money float by in large holes in the water called yachts. I measure them against the lot line: are they more than 80ft? The largest boat that can safely navigate New River is about 200ft due to "Little Florida" hairpin bend in the river. One problem is that my Florida house is much smaller than the Arlington manse and I still have boxes in the garage.

Nude Beach in North Miami  

I have a 20ft outboard I use to run around the river and canals, to go to waterfront restaurants for dinner, lunch, or Sunday brunch. Sometimes we take a group out the Intracoastal and down the beach to Haulover Beach, the nude beach in North Miami. I like to watch the volleyball players. Lots of action there, you bet.

I get erections occasionally, but now it's for a different reason. I take male hormone shots to maintain my sexual characteristics since I was castrated in 1994 in California, and the hormone levels sometime contribute overly much to my randy libido. When I first started on the shots, they were once a month, and I would experience hot flashes and severe clinical depression. My doctor adjusted the interval to once every other week and then I had the sex drive of a 17yo youth, and that was a little hard on my friends, so we toned it down to once every three weeks, and that works. There's still a little roller coaster.

Daily testosterone patches, Androderm, are also available to smooth things out. For males with HIV, they may have reduced testosterone levels. Injections or patches can help them elevate their energy levels and overall attitude to avoid depression. Some of my positive friends take injections for that reason.

Ft Lauderdale XS Newspaper

You can find interesting personal ads in the free XS newspaper in Fort Lauderdale. Men put in bold ads describing just what they want. Sometimes it's worth checking them out.XSO Classifieds

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Here are some more links to interesting web pages. I like the nice male nudes, but I prefer to have them at hand and close enough to touch. The pretty images or raunchy ones are attractive to me and arousing too. I prefer to get a pic in email from a correspondent so I know what he looks like. I'm going to investigate using CUSeeMe video conferencing as a means of getting to know people in person.

I attended a seminar with others in my company on new technology for collaborative environments, how work groups with members working remotely can work together despite being separated by distance and time zones around the world.

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