Beverly 2001

Space for an oddessee?


Yes, the old girrl is still alive and kickin'


I haven't had much of a chance to get out lately though.......I am planning to change that this fall.

I am designing this page with the KISS principal .....

(I wonder how Victoria is making out lately?)......Keeping It Simple Stupid!


I am sorry to say that I have not had a lot of time to let Bev loose lately. Busy volunteering time in sports (yes they are all good sports!) and working around the house.


Any way above & below u will find a few newer Pic's, most taken earlier this year while in New Orleans (what a neat atmosphere there!), not such a "neat" place though. They could employ an army trying to keep those streets clean!


Well at least the hotels are clean............

I would love to go back and get out as Bev one of these days.

Don't you think that I would fit in on Burbon St??


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