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joenettroll  Welcome to my humble little home on the web. I hope that you enjoy your visit with me as much as I have enjoyed creating this site.
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  • Network Utilities/Web Pages -Various network resources for Novell Netware (utilities soon to come, along with tips and hints)

  • Click here for Pride Resources links to various Gay sites on the web.

  • Links to other Web Pages -a varied collection of other places I have visited and enjoyed and/or found useful

  • My personal information - Resume , professional stats, photos, etc.

  • Some hideous photos of me. Also, some not so hideous photos of friends, acquaintances and people I have met on the web. 

  • My family history. Definitely a work in progress, so don't expect much right now.  

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Click here to download Netscape Communicator These pages are slowly but surely being optimized for Netscape Communicator (mainly because I actually went out and bought a copy, as IE3 has a few problems and I despise IE4-it trashed my friend's PC). If you are using Netscape, and don't hear the music, you need to visit LiveUpdate and download the Crescendo plugin. If you are using IE3, follow the above link and run, don't walk to get Netscape Communicator! It is truly fabulous, and makes IE4 look very SICK!


Garfield25(Drag Queen) - Click here to visit First and foremost, I have to give thanks to my friend Garfie, at GeoCities/WestHollywood/Village/2707 for all the help he has personally given me, and for his EXCELLENT tutorial page. If you are having any problems setting up your web page, either drop by and visit his page, or send him an email at

  Next, the music credits. I strongly suggest that you pop over to LiveUpdate and pick up a copy of the Crescendo plug-in. It is free (unless you want to buy the fancier one), and works wonderful. They also have a selection of tutorials for embedding midi files in your page. I am using a random midi picker (JavaScript) written by David McCoy, which he graciously makes available to everyone. 

Click here to see <BR> the Eddings site Another good source of JavaScript hints/source code is from Colin Watson, at Area51/Vault/1037. He also has the very good taste to be a David Eddings fan, and has some very nice pages devoted to Mr. Eddings.

Click here to visit SS Animations Graphics courtesy of the fine folks at Stepping Stones Animations, a very good source of FREE animated GIFS for spicing up your web page.

  And, finally (boy aren't you glad that is done!), many thanks to our fine host, Geocites.
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