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Order T online at: Planet Rx. Transensual Femme does not get a cut of any prescription drug sales, but while you're there, check out the over-the-counter products. A portion of any non-perscription sales through this link, helps to support the T-Fem site. Thanks.

Check out the new FTM Surgeon listing. This is a list I found up on the FORGE site and am updating with help from visitors to the site who write in to me. You can find a link to FORGE in the exit tunnel on the FTM links page. It is a wonderful on-line resource for FTMs. Thanks to Michael Munson for making the original list available.

Transgender and Butch Books: List (and some reviews) of books you might find of interest. Please let me know if you have additional recommendations to be included on this list or any book reviews to add.

Referrals and info from our TG Butch and FTM visitors. Thanks for the feedback!

More off-site links to members of the greater online community can be found in Butch Links, FTM Links and Trans Links pages in the exit tunnel... but stick around for a while and check out the other areas of the T-Fem site before you leave. (If you want to add a link to your content-filled, cleanly designed FTM or TG butch oriented web page or other online information, send it to me. I'll check it out and let you know if I add your page to the FTM or Butch links.)

You can also find webring listings in the exit tunnel, which will let you surf the various queer web communities that the Transensual Femme website belongs to.

More resources, links, community info coming soon!

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