Bay Area Transensual Femmes - a real life support and social group.

Transensual Femme Email List - our community's list serve... lots of wonderful T-Fems offering support and friendship plus space for lots of discussion, fun and theorizing.

Young, transensual, and femme... Is this you? Now you can have your own space. Seeking contributors for this new T-Fem community page!

Your SOFFA Voice Newsletter - the print newsletter for the larger SOFFA(Significant Others, Friends, Family and Allies to Transguys) community. Lots of writing by T-Fems and other interesting info.

Boys Corner - the best place to send your guy (or to check out yourself) for resources, links, info. on the FTM community, politics, support, butch stuff, surgery info., transguy identity, hormone options, list serves, and more.

Events Calendar - for femme, trans, SO, FTM, and transensual events or groups. Do you have an event or group you'd like to post? Send me the info, and I'll put it up!

Words to Live By - The voices of the Transensual Femme community... poems, essays, musings, stories and more.

Sign the T-Fem guestbook: let us know who you are. Do you have any suggestions for the site? Questions? Feedback? Want to meet another T-Fem in your area? Start a support group? View the guestbook to see who else has been here. Don't be shy. It's time to reach out and create community! No-one else is going to do it for you. Here's the guestbook from the original Transensual Femme website, too!

Off-site links to members of the greater online community can be found in the exit tunnel... but stick around for a while and check out the areas of the T-Fem site before you leave. (If you want to add a link to your content-filled, cleanly designed T-Fem oriented web page, send it to me. I'll check it out and let you know if I add your page to the T-Fem links.)

You can also find webring listings in the exit tunnel, which will let you surf the various queer web communities that the Transensual Femme website belongs to.

More community info coming soon!

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