T-Fem Email List

This email list is a separate entity from the Transensual Femme Website. It was started by a good friend of mine who happened to be putting together an email list at the same time as I decided to do the website - I guess we both felt compelled to start building community among t-fems. Lucky coincidence! Since we have very similar ideas about what it means to be transensual and femme, it made sense that we join forces. Lots of collaboration has occured between us (and with other t-fems), both in developing the site and the email list.

So here are the goods:

Transensualfem is a discussion list for femme dykes whose attraction is to transgendered butches and/or female-to-male transexuals (FTM's). This list is for us and about us, not solely as extensions of TG butches/FTM's, but as femme women.

Discussion may include, but will not be limited to: our place in the queer community, support for partners of transitioning FTM's, our own transition (e.g. as femmes, as femmes who are "transitioning by association", etc.), outing, and other related topics. Transensualfem is sex-positive and kink friendly. Obviously it is trans friendly.

How to Join the Transensual Femme Email List

To subscribe to transensualfem, send an email to: majordomo@queernet.org with:

subscribe transensualfem e-address

in the body of the email. For example:

subscribe transensualfem doll@hotfem.com

(note: if your screen name isn't obviously female you might be asked for a brief note as to why you want to join - this is solely to keep the space safe and not intended to put anyone off)

**OR** subscribe from the Queernet website

Questions About the Transensaul Femme Email List

Send mail to: owner-transensualfem@queernet.org

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