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BEWARE: If you found this page chatting on AOL....it was not me you were talking to. I have never chatted on AOL. Someone has been impersonating me. I am truly flattered, but I just wanted to warn any unsuspecting chatters. The only way to contact me is through my e-mail. Thanks again for visiting!
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I'm Tiffany Ciani. I am 32 years old, 5"10" and 137lbs.....and transgendered. To me, that means I thouroughly enjoy acting, looking and being female....although I am still genetically male. If this offends you, I am sorry. As a male I'm consistently hounded by friends and family to gain weight. People have joked about my "skinny" legs since high school..... so Im glad that I've finally found them to be an asset!

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota (not the best place for a girl who likes to wear as little as possible). I am professionally employed, decent income and non-smoking. I love to travel and meet new friends (when I can find the time!).

Anyway, I am just becoming web/html literate...so there is nothing really extravigant here.....just me for now.

I hope you enjoy viewing my pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them...
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UPDATED....Thursday May 3, 2001

YES...I'm Still Here!

Yes! I'm still in Minneapolis and probably will be through the summer of 2001 . I have not been updating my site due to the fact I am seriously HTML illiterate. I created this page using a basic editor, which no longer appears to be compatable with what I have already done. I will try to get some new pics up soon....


I want to thank everyone for all of the kind words & compliments sent my way since I first posted this web site over a year ago. It has been a tremendous boost to my ego. I have not responded to every e-mail becuase I am a chronic procrastinator. I'm trying, but having a hard time keeping up. Please feel free to write though. I do read all of my mail and I love looking at pictures too...so send one if you can!


There are some impersonators still wandering around out there. I'm flattered, but at the same time I feel for the people who have been deceived.


I still hope to post more about me in the near future. I only dress occasionally but when I do.... I like to go all out! I do travel to Chicago, Florida and Texas on occasion and would like to meet other T-Girls and T-Girl admirers so please write. I also want to sincerely thank everyone who has written.
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