The Whimsie Cruise - Qualifying Shot (1)

Subject: Elayne Beneford
Fantasy Moment: Prima Ballerina

Comments: The corseting is ghastly strict and now I know why they are called 'tights"! This top is woven of nylon reinforced power Lycra that is made to glisten and crush. I flounce with every step in these clouds of billowing skirts and my hair floats about as well. But worst of all are the toe shoes which are much too tight and force my feet into sadistically high arches. And to get this look, I'm sewn in! Yes, there is no way to get out of this tu-tu without help-help from someone else. The steel brace arches my back, and yes the feathers make my nose itch.

Essay: I want a berth on this Summer's Whimsie Cruise and I will post all six pictures as directed. Here is the first showing me in a very uncomfortable costume that flaunts my figure and displays me as the rules demand.

If I am chosen to go on the cruise I will bring this outfit and wear it the first afternoon. I will practice ballet faithfully so I can do the simple positions. And yes, I can do a pirouetting "twinkle" even though doing it makes me blush. And yes, I agree to the the terms that demand that all contestants accepted for the Whimsie Cruise will fully tolerate acting as 'sex objects' at the officers' direction