Vacation in Beautiful British Columbia
Special Adventures inmidth of Mother Natur

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last update Jan. 2005

make new life experiences


do something extraordinary

be in the open with Mother Nature


find to your self

see the great Canadian Coast Mountains in the best times of the year

Choose Your appropiate time of the year and enjoy dreaming of ....




to be in the deep snow of the coast mountains

going hiking, fishing
staying out in the wildernes

fall roundup --
working and living with cowboys

Get some hints how to survive in back country

and not to disappear

Satellite Picture of the Region
(source unknown)

Important Message: (Not Only for Winter Time!)

During this vacation we are disposed to the mother nature herself. This means that we all depend closely on the weather conditions. The technical equipment though maintained on a regular basis is only a tool to survive. It can fail any time!
Therefore we recommend this vacation only to people in good physical health! We promise after these days you will be a new person!
We also cannot take over any responsibility for your flight schedule. Delays can happen due to the extreme weather conditions in the mountains, especially in winter time. We recommend to use one or two additional days at the end of this vacation and stay in a hotel for to relax and get back to the "normal" way of life.

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