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Our Dwelling in the Visayas

Some Goood Recipes

General Info about the Philippines

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Philippine Islands


see map of Panay, Visayas (link)   -- more Info about Iloilo

see map of the Philippines islands (link)

Information about all the 75 Philippine Provinces

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Our Dwelling
in Sta.Barbara, Iloilo, Visayas
FrontSide, Mar.'00
the house at it was in year 2000
RoadSide, Mar.'00
Road Side View
FrontSide, Feb.'00
half way made

The House by 2002

(for more detailed info click here)
FrontSide, Jan.'01
in February '01
FrontSide 2nd, Jan.'01 Entrance with Door, in January '01
entrance with door
The House by 2004

After Improvment

Second Entrance for Downstairs
in August '04
Looking to te Raod Entrance with Door, in August '04
entrance with door
The Farm Side

Rice and Coffee

Farm Side, looking downward, Jan.'01
looking downward
Farm Side, looking upward, Jan.'01
looking upward
spreading out the coffee, Jan.'01
let them coffee get some taste!


Links to General and Legal Infos about the Philippines and how to get around with officials

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The Heart of the Philippine Islands

Inforamtion about Iloilo (Geography, Climate, Population - Dept.Of Tourism)

Profince of Iloilo Home Page
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General Information about the Philippines 

Domestic Flight Schedule
Manila - Iloilo


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American-Friendly Filipino Recipes

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Filipino Vegetarian Dishes

Kucina nang Atching Aileen

Philippine Cousine

Do You Remember?


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