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Last Update on Nov.-26-2003

Originally I got the idea for making these utilities while I was working on my Homepages.
Meanwhile I have collected some hardware ;-} and with my old notebook I'm using DOS software like I did in old days.

The Copyright of these programs is completely with me. All rights reserved!
However feel free to use, copy, and distribute them as long as you do not sell or alter them!

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Programs for WINDOWS



-- Although these programs are tested on my computers they will contain still some bugs.

So remember : Use these programs at Your Own risc! --


DOS Programs




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This menue operated DOS program converts internet HTML (text-) files into plain ASCII text files.
(with option to rebuilt tables)


Version 8


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This menue operated DOS program converts TAB delimited ASCII tables (EXCEL option) into a simple internet HTML page

Collect disk's DIR

Version 4.8


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This menue operated DOS program collects the content of a drive/directory - including all sub-directories.
The collected data is saved in a form that it can be read by dBase or by EXCEL.
(see also at my WINDOWS programs)

All programs support also 43 lines of the DOS window!
These DOS programs are usually working also under WINDOWS !
The mouse functions are not supported though!
WIN-DOS Programs

File EXPLORER, (like in WINDOWS)

Version 1.20


more info
dExplrer.ZIP (stand alone)
(needs RunTime module)
(= included in zip-file)
Screen Shot

This DOS program displays the content of a drive/directory like you are used to it with the WINDOWS Explorer and it shows the size of the selected drive/file. It lets you start a (registered) program with the click of the mouse on the program itself or on the related file.

Split Files

Version 0.6


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Screen Shot

This DOS-based program splits up big files to fit onto diskettes.

Un-ZIP Files

Version 0.3


more info
unzipfls.ZIP (stand alone)
Screen Shot

This DOS-based program lets you comfortably un-zip files.

Data Logger

Version 0.2


more info
dataLogr.ZIP (stand alone)
Screen Shot

This program shows the signals at the status port of a parallel port (LPT1 ... LPT3).
The program detects all existing port. However only the parallel ports are supported.
The clock can be choosen from an external signal source, from the internal clock, or from any changes of the port's signals.
The history of the signals are displayed graphically. The storage in a TAB separated text file will be a future option.

These DOS programs are usually working also under WINDOWS ! But, why do you want to do that?
The general mouse functions are supported!


WINDOWS Programs

Collect Directories


more info
DirColct.ZIP   (16 bit)


DirColct 32bit   (32 bit)

This 16 bit program collects the content of a drive/directory in an ASCII file which can be read by MS EXCEL. (see also at my DOS programs)

-- This program uses (like ALL 16bit programs) the short file name under WIN 9x !! --

NEW : 32bit Program for WINDOWS 95 and up! (ScreenShot)

INI Read


more info
IniRead.ZIP   (16 bit)

This 16 bit program reads the INI file of any WIN program and displays the groups and their content.
The values of each entry can be changed

Make HTML Template


more info
makeHTML.ZIP   (32 bit)

It produces a simple HTML page (template) with an optional table for further use end extention.

Change File Names


more info
chngFile.ZIP   (32 bit)

It changes all or selected file names in a directory with adding or replacing of characters.

Copy Files


more info
cpyFiles4.ZIP   (32 bit)

It copies all or selected graphic files from one directory in another directory while they appear.


should you experiance some problems with starting up a program - you might need a complete installation of it.

For a complete installation file set write a short note to
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Programs for WIN 3.1 (16 bit) are usually working also under WINDOWS 9x and NT (32 bit)

-- I would be happy to notice some reactions from one or the other user!

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