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 Over 20 metro areas across the United States are either developing new Light Rail Transit systems or are expanding existing systems. This list includes cities with subway and commuter rail systems, typically not defined as LRT. Nevertheless, the results are the same: transportation choice, economic development opportunities along rail corridors, less environmental impact, and incentives for less urban sprawl. The list also includes links to other Minnesota-related transportation sites.

Region System/Resource Name URL
Minnesota Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT)
MnDOT Twin Cities Traffic Net
Minnesota State House of Representatives Transportation & Transit Committee
Minnesota State Senate Policy Division: Transportation Committee
Minnesota State Senate Budget Division: Transportation Budget Division
Metropolitan Council (Twin Cities)
Transit for Livable Communities
United States
Atlanta, Georgia Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)
Baltimore, Maryland Maryland Mass Transit Administration (MTA)
Boston, Massachussetts Massachussetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA)
Buffalo, New York
Chicago, Illinois Metra Commuter Rail System
Cleveland, Ohio Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA)
Dallas, Texas Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)
Denver, Colorado RTD MAC
Missouri Missouri State DOT
Los Angeles, California Commuter Rail Transit
Madison, Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin
Miami, Florida
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
New Jersey New Jersey
New York, New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)
Orlando, Florida
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Port Authority
Portland, Oregon Tri-Met
Sacramento, California
St. Louis, Missouri St. Louis Regional Transit MetroLink
Salt Lake City, Utah Utah Transit Authority UTA
San Diego, California MTDB
San Francisco, California Bay Area Rapid Transit BART
San Jose, California Santa Clara Valley VTA
Seattle, Washington Sound Move
Washington D.C. WMATA
Canada et Mexico
Calgary, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Montreal, Quebec
Ottowa, Ontario
Quebec City, Quebec
Toronto, Ontario
Vancouver, British Columbia
Mexico City D.F., Mexico
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Athens, Greece
Barcelona, Spain
Berlin, Germany
Brussels, Belgium
Budapest, Hungary
Copenhagen, Denmark
Dublin, Ireland
Frankfurt, Germany
Grenoble, France
Helsinki, Finland
London, England
Munich, Germany
Madrid, Spain
Milano, Italy
Moscow, Russia
Oslo, Norway
Paris, France RATP
Prague, Czheck Republic
Stockholm, Sweden Storstockholms Lokaltrafik
Vienna, Austria
Warsaw, Poland
Zurich, Switzerland
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Osaka, Japan
Shanghai, China
Sydney, Australia
Tokyo, Japan
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Special thanks to Transit for Livable Communites, a non-partisan, grass-roots transportation advocacy group, whose objectives are to communicate critical transportation decision-making information to the Minnesota public.

For further information contact:

Minnesotans for Light Rail Transit

Transit for Livable Communities
P.O. Box 14221
St. Paul, MN 55114-1221

This is the experimental site under development for Minnesotans for Light Rail Transit and Transit for Livable Communities. Once the site gets closer to completion it will be moved to a more prominent and permanent location.

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