Hi-Gain 500 and 250 Advanced Technology Flashlights

It was good enough for Clint Eastwood in "Absolute Power," and it's good enough for us. We didn't just take Mr. Eastwood's recommendation though, we put the Hi-Gain 500 Advanced Technology Flashlight and it's brother the Hi-Gain 250 through their paces off road. The result? These are two excellent off-road and around-the-house lights.

The Hi-Gain line is made of a high impact styrene copolymer ABS plastic (the housing), acrylic (the impact resistant lens), delrin resins, and nickel plated, heat treated steel and spring brass contacts.

The Hi-Gain optics lens design is based upon the principle of total internal reflection with diamond-like facets and fresnel elements which capture and offer the maximum spread of the available light from the bulb, resulting in a brighter and stronger beam.

The Krypton KP-13 bulb in the Hi-Gain 500 is designed to last for approximately 20 hours of continuous use. The Hi-Gain 250 features a T-1 1/4 bi-pin vacuum type bulb that has a minimum life of 50 hours. Both are water resistant making them excellent for camping and hunting, and feature a 360 degree rotation ratchet handle for convenient hands-free use while aiming the light at virutally any angle. At $24.95 and $11.99, these high quality lights can't be beat. For more info call (800) 804-4448.

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