The sixth Sense

Women, since the beginning of time, have called it premonition and they believe in it, going
strictly from inner feelings.

Men on the other hand are hard nosed and skeptical about it and I personally attribute this
to the fact that we are taught to hide our feelings. So we have to have something more
concrete. Something more towards the realm of science.

There is one thing most people will agree on even though there is no scientific proof of it's
existence. This is, each and every person's soul. No one is really sure what it is.

Since my training in visual trackers and my humping the jungle in Vietnam, my mind has tried
to make concrete sense of my experiences. This is where I turn to the soul of man to explain
it, knowing that it really can not be disproved.

What if our soul is really not contained within our bodies but in fact surrounds us like an aura. We
do have proof of auras from Kirlian photography.

This photo by Newton Milhomens

Now suppose that this aura actually goes out beyond the reach of photography to let's say
100 meters. I chose this number because this is the distance that my palms began to itch while
I was humping one day in Vietnam. 100 meters ahead there was an NVA basecamp and we were
ambushed. Because of my itching palms we were also prepared for it, and lost very few men.
The only explanation for a physical sign to show up in a human body when another being is around
but not seen, is that these auras must overlap one another and some sort of transmission goes on
between them where it becomes something physical.
In other words , it is like we touch somehow, even though we are not touching physically.

Calling it the sixth sense is fine by me. All I really know, is that it exists and is teachable.

To the military this meant teaching a man to recognize the presence of another being in the close
proximity before you actually saw them. Even though there is no scientific facts to support it.
Since you were the only beings that were supposed to be in the area you were humping,
this could only mean danger. It is probably needless to say, but for an Infantryman, this could save
your life along with the lives of your fellow Grunts.

Tracker school consisted of this.

The first week was exercise and classes. We did physical exercise for an hour after breakfast and
then ran 6 miles to our first class up and down the sandy hills of Fort Gordon.
We ran back for lunch and after lunch ran back to class. Then we ran back for dinner.
The next 5 weeks consisted of actual Tracking.
Monday morning at 7:00 A.M. we would leave Fort Gordon in a bus and end up in South Carolina.
We carried 3 quarts of water and 5 days supply of c-rations, plus a hammock and blank
ammunition. We were resupplied with water every day.
Friday evening at 3:00P.M. it was back on the bus back to Fort Gordon. Then we had the
weekend off until Monday morning at 7:00 A.M. again.

From the start , it was explained that the individual would find it difficult to recognize the physical
change in himself from his normal everyday living.
In teaching a person how to recognize what a sense of danger is, our teachers would have
tracklayers stop at varried times and set up a surprise ambush on us.
This occurred 2 or 3 times a day.
We came to expect an ambush, but would not know when it would occur.
This combination of expecting an ambush and never at the same times is the key.
It was up to the 5 of us to not only pay attention to the learning of tracking but to also keep watch
on each other to see if the other person showed some kind of odd quirk in behavior .
The odd behavior came just before we would reach the point where we would be ambushed by
the people laying track for us.
This oddity would appear in many different ways. People would scratch a part of their body that
they normally wouldn't scratch. They would develop a twitch in one eye. They would rub a part of
their body not normal to everyday life. They would sweat in an area they wouldn't normally sweat in.
Some would even develop a different pattern in their breathing.
The main idea was to condition us to expect an ambush and if anyone showed a sign of odd
behavior, stop and make an attempt to counter the suspected ambush. It worked!
My own personal sign is that either one of my palms will itch, and I scratch them alot.




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