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<bgsound src="Country.mid"loop=infinite>owdy People, I've been learning quite-a-bit on this here on-line Info Super Highway, But I'd much rather enjoy a side road...up & down some river....or just in the out-of-doors;...So much of my time is spent here for now (I don't surf the net, I "prospect" it). Would like to share info with others on place's to get out an do some Gold Prospecting !!! ANY links are helpful please use my e-mail.I've always enjoyed the great outdoors and Highways an Byways. I'm really not all that new to this PC so bare this in mind when/(if) ya read this. Just to keep ya happy and show ya I don't know all that much... I've added some Naked Women for all you guys who has been in them thar hills too long... ô¿ô Maybe ya just stop in to see about some info about Bears. OR ??? Was it because you knew I was from the Great State of California. Whatever the reason I'm real glad you stopped in :-) Sit-a-spell and enjoy the music and play with some of the gizzmos an doo-dads, check-out afew links. Please DON'T FORGET to hit the "Back" button to return here afterwards to have another look around and/or drop me a line in the guestbook an/or E-mail!!!

Okie-Dokie...Now where were we...I do know some great places to go Prospecting an/or Camping. I live in San Lusi Obispo (area) of California. This is what the WEATHER is like Today/Tommorrow. I'm S/W/M. I have been prospecting thur-out the west. I choose Yosemite as a home base because of the Meced river. It's a fun spot and good diggin's.
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Also all along Hwy.49 .I'd like to get together with others who like to get out and go camping/hiking/fishing/prospecting.We just might get lucky an find some bright shiny metal (gold). It's there ya just gotta look in the right spot. E-mail me with your thoughts...

Well...Maybe Ya just want to take the wife and kids to one of the many National Parks in our great country. Here in California We have Sierra an Sequoia-Kings Canyon also the Inyo just to name a few. But Ya can't "Prospected" for "Gold" in a National Park you need to remember!!!So I stay mostly in the National Forests area outside the Parks.***Smile*** And of course there is always the Lesser Known areas.Ohhh!!! Yeah!!! Here's a list also of Wild & Scenic Rivers list.
Yep!!!I enjoy fishin' too.I once caught a fish darn near as big as a... Well You know how "that" story goes.

Come-On...E-me (gotta say it sure ain't like sitting 'round a campfire tellin' storys).
   If you ever wondered about the orgin of California Missions.
Hope-in' ta hear from ya...I'll be up-dating this...so check back from time-to-time...Also... Click Here to give me some input about prospecting/camping/fishin', You Tell Me, OK!!!

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