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Mountain Bike Picture Gallery

Hey thanks for stopping by the newest addition to Morgan's Mountain Bike Page! I've been promising a picture gallery since the early spring and I'm only getting around to installing this thing now. Sheesh!

Most of these original pics were taken by Oliver, a friend of mine, so any copyright belongs to him. I'll try to add credits under each full sized picture. So, without further delay, I give you the pictures!

The Dundas Valley
Ever wonder what a rail trail looks like? Well click this one and you'll soon know.
I've also promised a photo of my bike for some time. This is going to look narcissistic but here's one with the bike, me, and the entrance to the DVCA.
The Paris to Ancaster
Well I've mentioned Oliver and since we have a pic with mud, filth, mountain bikes and Oliver, why not include it? This is near the start of the Paris to Ancaster "Race". When you have 3+ hours on a straight out ride I guess there's no harm in stopping for a photo.
You didn't believe me when I said there was time for a photo? Check out this picture then! This is a portion of the people waiting to start the Paris to Ancaster.
The Test of Metal Race in Squamish B.C.
This guy manages to make the end of a race look a lot less exciting than it actually is. Guess it's hard to keep excited after 4 hours and 11 minutes of racing.
Time to reach back for a PowerBar?
This isn't exactly single track, but it doesn't exactly look easy either.
You can always recognize the leader at the end of a rocky downhill. He's the one not covered in blood.

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