There are two types of badges Cub Scouts can aim for, namely Arrow and Merit badges.

Arrow Badges

These are subdivided into Bronze, Silver and Gold Arrow badges. In theory, the Bronze Arrow can be obtained at the end of the Cub's first year as a member of the Pack, the Silver at the end of the second year and the Gold at the end of the third year.  Apart from four compulsory requirements for each badge, the Cub must choose two options from further requirements called Growing up, Discovering, Thinking and Sharing. A full list of the Arrow Badge Requirements can be seen here.

Merit Badges

In contrast to the Arrow Badges, which tend to be covered as part of the general weekly programme, merit badges are more likely to be completed by the Cubs depending on their individual preferences. Sometimes, the requirements for a particular merit badge may be covered during a pack meeting such as the Cyclist or First Aider badge. In any case, a sense of achievement is palpable. Have a look here for the complete list of Merit Badge Requirements.


Every prospective member of the Cub Scouts in Scouting Ireland CSI is taught the basics of what the Cubs are all about over the next few weeks after they join the Pack. As part of their induction, the new member has the chance to go on an activity to see if they like the sort of things the Cubs can and do while away for the day. The requirements for the Investiture process can be found here.

Link Badge

For those Cubs who have been there, seen it all and bought the T-shirt, it's time to move on into the Scout Troop. A gradual letting go of the older Cubs by their Cub Leaders is taken up by a welcome from the Scout Leader through a method lasting several weeks. The actual requirements can be found here.

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