The MNC Gazette is a monthly publication whose primary function is to highlight the activities, both indoor and outdoor, of the Cubs in the 115 Dublin (Ballinteer) Monday Night Cub Scout Pack.

The newsletter feature articles and photographs from the many outings and events in which the Pack participates either on their own or as a member of the St. Oliver Plunket Region.

The MNC Gazette is now in its third year of publication. Hard copies are issued to the Cubs every month. While most of the articles are written by the Leaders, occasionally jokes and pictures are submitted by the Cubs.

Hopefully in the future the newsletter will be used an archive reference source. In its present form,
The MNC Gazette serves to publicise the activities of the Pack within the Unit.

The image of scouting in the public mind is one that is already positive. With
The MNC Gazette, the Monday Night Cub Pack will show how fun and exciting Cub Scouting can be.

Although primarily an in-house newsletter it is published on the internet so that a wider audience can read it. Enjoy!

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