Post 440 Picture Gallery!

The first set of pictures were taken on March 27, 1999 when Explorer Post 440 assisted with a training excercise with Merrill Fire Department and the Town of Russell Vol. Fire Department.

The house, located outside of Merrill, was burnt through a series of small fires where members of the different departments praticed techniques in fighting fires before "letting it go." After the house was completly engulfed, the departments praticed containing the blaze, making sure that it stayed confined to the house.

The different departments that were represented at this fire were:

  • City of Merrill Fire Department
  • Town of Russell Vol. Fire Department
  • Town of Corning Vol. Fire Department
  • City of Antigo Fire Department
  • As the house was begining to burn...

    Now it's burning good...

    Photo taken over the shoulder of Advisor Oestreich as he shot water at the fire to control it.

    Group picture of those in attendance.

    Left to Right: Deputy Peel, Deputy Lambrecht, Captain Dunlop, Deputy Chief Johnson (MFD), Lt. Vandre, Deputy J. Burrow, S.O. Schroeder, Advisor M. Oestreich (Corning VFD)

    This final photo was taken on Friday Oct. 16, 1998 when Explorer Post 440, along with the Merrill Jaycees, hosted the last Halloween Dance ever to be held at the Merrill Youth Center.

    About a month later another such dance was held. It was the last dance to be held in the history of the Youth Center. At this dance, Post 440, along with Solitary Confinement D.J. Service presented an 8X10 copy of this photo to "Tiny," who had run the youth center since it opened about seven years before. This person gave up his Friday nights during the school year so that the youth of Merrill would have a place to "hang out" that was off the streets.

    Members of Post 440 along with "Tiny's Kids."

    "These were the times of our lives, thanks for the memories Tiny."

    -Post 440, S.C.D.J., and Tiny's Kids

    All picture images on this page are to Explorer Post 440 as taken on their respective dates.

    1997-2000 Explorer Post 440

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