Rotala rotundifolia (Tooth Cup)
Vesicularia dubyana (Java Moss)
Java moss is a low growing plant. It is a bright and attractive, has tiny foliage. Java moss is very hardy and undemanding, forms dense mats which can be divided for propagation, It attaches it's self to logs and  rocks for a great spawning area for bottom spawners. This plant does not require much light or any specific water conditions.
Tooth Cup can grow up to 20" high and makes an excellent mid - to back ground. It has pretty olive - colored foliage with red  undersides, dainty flowers. Tooth Cup does well in moderate water conditions (pH, hardness, and temperature) If you have bright lighting it will help enhance the red coloration on it.
Cryptocoryne Becketii
Cryptocotyne becketii is a very hardy plant that even holds up in hard water conditions and strong lighting. The elongated tapering leaves grow up to 6-10" and feature a nice olive to bronze color with pink tinged undersides. This plant will take roots very quickly and recovers rapidly from rnizome runners. It is also a very popular mid-ground plant.
The Hygrophila species has a extremely attractive foliage with fairly sturdy stems. They also make a good mid ground and background plants. Hygrophila plants enjoy soft to moderately hard water and a pH of 6.5 - 7.5. The lighting for most of these species should be fairly bright for good growth. They can also be propagated by cuttings.
Dwarf Anubias
Java Fern
Dwarf Anubias is dark, and has glossy green, oval leaves with lighter undersides. O ccasionally it will produce spathe - type flowers. Dwarf Anubias grows up to 4 - 8 inches tall for a beautiful foreground specimen. The pH and hardness are not too critical for the plant. It enjoys low lighting and a well - enriched substrate.
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Fan Wort
Amazon Sword
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Anubias barteri
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