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Creating a 25-round Hakim magazine using an MG-13 magazine

The following article originally appeared in FIREPOWER magazine in November of 1988.

I must admit, I have a few problems with it, not because I do not like the idea of a Hakim mag that would carry 25 rounds, but because (a) some question has arisen as to whether or not making these modifications might constitute an ILLEGAL modification or manufacture under federal rules and regs regarding ''assault weapons'' and (b) it does require a slight modification to the rifle itself. For these reasons, I have not made one of these items myself.

As to (a) above, this article is presented only for purposes of scholarship, study and intellectual discussion and is not intended to incite or entice anyone to break any law. Given my personal question about this possibility, I have chosen NOT to build the magazine in question and recommend this course to others unless and until it is determined that to do so does NOT constitute an inadvertent violation of regulations. I have, however, read of several people having installed these magazines and am aware of no prosecutions regarding this particular modification.

As to (b), I guess I will have to fess-up to being a bit of a purist in this case. What you do with your Hakim, however, is your business. I have marked the modification (yes, it is a tiny one) in red within the article text. It is up to you to decide whether or not this change would be as bad as (say) shortening the barrel by three inches and painting a smiling Barney-the-dinosaur on the stock in marine-grade epoxy paint.

As far as collectibility and the inherent value of the firearm as a collectors' piece is concerned, It would be far easier to replace a Barney-the-dinosaur stock in order to bring the rifle back to its full value.

End of editorial, beginning of article.

Increased Hakim Firepower

by Phil Peterson

from FIREPOWER magazine - November, 1988

While attending a recent gunshow, I priced some of the more popular assault rifles. It seems almost all of these neat blasters cost over five hundred dollars. Some of the more exotic models were above fifteen hundred! This is in semi-auto. If you can find the full auto versions of these weapons, it will usually be at double the cost of semi-auto. I can rarely afford one of the exotic imports, so I am always on the lookout for a firearm that has potential to be made into a neat blaster. One such gun I found at that gunshow was a Hakim rifle from Egypt.

The Hakim is a huge semi-auto chambered for the 8mm Mauser cartridge. It is being imported to these shores by several companies and costs about $120. It was copied from a Swedish design called ''the Ljungman'' and uses a direct gas system of operation similar to that of the M-15. As issued, it comes with a detachable 10-round magazine. But then, 10 rounds isn't enough for real fun, is it.

When I got home with my new prize, I dug out a couple of magazines for a German MG-13, which are 25-round box magazines. I had bought them about a year ago for 15 bucks each. Some of the parts houses list these for sale. Look in Shotgun News.

The MG-13 mags seemed to be almost tailor-fit to the Hakim and, in less than two hours, I had one modified to work in the rifle. I grabbed some ammo and headed for the range. I fired the gun with the original magazine to insure that it functioned properly. No problem. Then, I loaded 10 rounds in my new mag and placed it in the gun. It functioned perfectly, what luck! I fired about 100 rounds using my modified MG-13 magazine with only three stoppages. Not bad for a first attempt at this modification.

I shall try to describe what I did to the magazine and the rifle so that you can try this mag conversion if you want to.

First, you will need to field-strip the rifle.

A. Push forward on the dust cover. It will latch on the bolt carrier. Leave these in the forward position.

B. Turn the safety to the middle position and lift up the whole assembly. After removing the safety assembly, draw the dust cover / bolt carrier to the rear.

C. Place the bolt face on a firm surface and grip the dust cover. Press the latch at the rear to release the bolt carier from the dust cover.

D. Now remove the screws from the trigger housing and the barrel bands to lift the action from the stock.

The only work required on the gun is opening the rear of the magazine well on the trigger housing. This needs to be opened up a bit to permit the rear spine of the MG-13 mag to pass. This will not be much and you will still be able to use the original magazine.

The modifications to the MG-13 magazine are as follows:

A. Disassemble the mag by sliding the bottom off to the rear.

B. With a tape, measure from the bottom up the rear spine to a distance of 7 inches. Draw a line here. The portion of the spine from this line to the top must be removed so the mag will fit into the reveiver well. Also, remove the small catch on the front of the magazine.

C. Measure again along the spine and mark a line at 6 and 1/2 inches.

D. This is where you start filing the notch for the magazine catch. Six and a half inches will be a bit low, and you should move the line up as you file the notch deeper. When the catch will slip into the notch easily, stop filing. The action and the trigger housing must be in the stock with the screws tight to get the notch placed correctly.

E. Get the MG-13 mag follower . Looking at it from the rear, remove the left guide rail. Then, measure up from the bottom of the right guard rail and mark at one-fourth of a inch. Cut off the upper part of this rail. The remaining part should engage the Hakim bolt stop.

F. The magazine lips must be opened slightly to permit the cartridge to feed properly into the chamber. The point of the bullet should start directly into the chamber. Test feeding using just the bolt and bolt carrier.

G. The lips of the mag will need a small cut to permit the rim of the cartridge to pop free at the correct point.

There. You should have a working 25-round magazine for you Hakim. With the price of 8mm ammo at ten cents a round, you should be able to have a blast. Have fun and keep your powder dry.

In October of 1998, I received the following e-mail from an individual who had, at some point, utilized the above information to install the MG13 magazine. He wrote:

''...the alterations to the mag well are small and relatively unnoticeable. My friend Tom used a Dremel type tool to relieve the rear corners of the mag well adjacent to the mag release to accept the MG13 mag rib. I touched it up with a bluing pen and unless you were familiar with a Hakim you wouldn't notice it.
The article by Peterson in 'Firepower'was good. His measurements and directions were, for the most part, easy to follow. One sticky point was the alteration of the mag lips to get it to feed. They need to be relieved and cut away slightly to resemble the original mag. It takes a little fooling around but nothing major.
Also Tom suggests that instead of filing a notch in the rear rib to fit the mag release,you could drill a hole and file it square to fit the mag release thus maintaining the structural strength of the rib.
The MG13 mag fits like it was made fo the Hakim and releases smoothly. It feeds hand cycled rounds perfectly but the true test will be at the range which I hope to do soon. The big,classy-looking Nazi marked mag makes the Hakim look even more"extreme".
I can't wait to try out the extra firepower on a row of water filled milk jugs!
good shooting

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