Proclamation Recognizing
The 50th Anniversary of Troop 100 March Field

Whereas, Boy Scout Troop 100 was formed by charter in 1947 and has been continuously chartered at March Field ever since; and

Whereas, The Boy Scouts of America are encouraged to provide service to the community by performing service projects; and

Whereas, Troop 100 has performed more than 500 community service projects in the City of Moreno Valley since its original charter was formed in 1947; and

Whereas, Troop 100 has promoted many of their Boy Scouts of their Troop to Eagle Scout who have become doctors, lawyers, teachers, and even an astronaut who has walked on the moon; and

Whereas, Troop 100 is integrally involved in the Anti-Gang Programs and Anti-Drug Programs in the community;

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the City Council of the City of Moreno Valley on behalf of its citizens and staff hereby express their appreciation to Boy Scout Troop 100 for their exemplary contributions to the quality of life in Moreno Valley and commends them for over 50 years of continuous service.

May 27, 1997

Charles R. White, Mayor

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