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Nude Recreation:

A Woman's Perspective


"If God had intended for us to be nude,
we'd have all been born that way."

In the Beginning

I became a nudist in 1989, after swearing for a year there was no way I'd ever even try it, and I meant it! Thanks to a patient, but persistent, friend, I was finally talked into going for what I was told would be a life-changing experience. What an understatement that turned out to be! Of course, the first 10 minutes were terrifying, but by the end of the first day, I never wanted to leave and my life WAS changed forever. I knew I would be a nudist for the rest of my life! It was the most profoundly positive experience I've ever had.

My Fears

Among my many initial excuses for not going were the ones based on the fears I had because I didn't have a "Barbie doll" figure. It was immediately evident that these fears were ungrounded. Within minutes, I felt comfortable. No one was staring at me (another fear gone). I was far from the largest person there and I saw that though some people were larger here or smaller there, everybody is pretty average. They don't call nudism "the great equalizer" for nothing! A friend of mine put it this way, "As for Barbie...who wants plastic?"

Benefits of Nudist Lifestyle

Very soon, the nudity became almost unnoticeable and unexpected benefits of the lifestyle began to surface. Social and economic barriers are gone and people get to know you for who you are. The best thing for me was the increased self-confidence. The body-consciousness issues in my life disappeared and I soon felt more comfortable nude than clothed. I quit worrying about trying to aspire to society's unachieveable "centerfold" shape and could focus on what really mattered, my health and happiness. Nudism creates a bond with people. I am part of an extended family. Whether I am at my own club or traveling and visiting other clubs, I always feel welcome and included. Becoming a nudist was the best thing I've ever done for myself!

"OK, I Might Try It. Now What?"

Click on the links below and contact either AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) or TNS (The Naturist Society). They will send you more information and tell you how to contact resorts, clubs or beaches in your local area. If you chose a resort or club, contact them directly for additional information. Let them know it's your first time. Many have open houses, presentations, tours, and free or discount rates for first-timers. National Nude Weekend is the 2nd weekend in July every year and most clubs cater to first-timers to encourage new visitors.

You do not have to be a member to visit a club, but always call ahead. And, always bring a towel to sit on.

Links to other sites on the Web

"AANR"-American Association for Nude Recreation (Resorts, Clubs, etc.)
"TNS"-The Naturist Society (Beaches, Hot Springs, etc.)
Cybernude (Nudist Chat Room, References & Info)
"INF"-International Naturist Federation (Global Locations and Information)

New Club Opening Soon near Santa Fe, NM

Click for Santa Fe, New Mexico Forecast Click for Albuquerque, New Mexico Forecast I bought 320 acres of land, covered with juniper and pinion pines, located half way between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, to open a new club. It is a beautiful site with views of 4 mountain ranges and a huge canyon 1/2 mile wide and 160 ft. deep. I own the canyon too, so it will be perfect for hiking and horseback riding. I just received the first renderings of the clubhouse building and it is awesome. This 10,000 sq. ft. building will be a 2-story, pueblo-style building. It will be built using environmentally-friendly construction, possibly pumice-crete, and passive solar design. On the ground floor of 6,000 sq. ft., will be a huge dance floor and stage with a skylight opening to the roof for light and openness. Also, the office, with a drive-up check-in/check-out window, the gift shop, restaurant, large fireplace, an attached recreation room with pool and ping pong tables and a media room with a big screen TV. A curving staircase leads upstairs to 4,000 sq. ft. including the manager's living quarters, 8 rental rooms, an open courtyard and skylights with open showers set in a lush, green plant garden. Each room will open to the covered deck all the way around the exterior of the 2nd level, with views of the canyon and mountains. Initial amenities will include RV hookups, camping sites, huge outdoor swimming pool and indoor water volleyball pool, a large hot tub, indoor and outdoor volleyball courts, a conference center with a labyrinth arbor, tennis courts, riding stables, hiking trails and a putting green. Plans for future amenities include: An additional 12 hotel rooms, shuffleboard and possibly time-share condos, if I can get county approval. This club will be first class. Permanent resident sites and member-owned vacation sites will also be available. There will be a full-time massage therapist on staff, as well as siteseeing tours and winter ski packages available as options to complete your vacation. Expect many pleasant surprises you won't find at most nudist facilities.


June, 2006 The owners blocking my access passed away last year and their property is now up for sale...for $6.5 million. I'm working on a plan to secure new buyers for that land who would be open to granting me access to mine. Progress is slow, but it continues.

Name the Club Contest

You can win a free 1 year membership, if you can come up with the perfect name. I'm looking for a clever name that reflects the Southwest location and style, preferably with a Native American or possibly Hispanic influence. If possible, I want the name to also reflect the spiritual (not religious) and healing atmosphere that I am creating. I'm also trying to avoid over-used words like "Bare" and "Sun", although one of the best names I've heard so far does include the word "Sun". OK, there are your clues. Any ideas? E-mail me.

Attention Barterers

Many people have approached me and offered their labor and other skills in exchange for memberships and other club credits. I am very interested in bartering for your goods and services. If you are planning a visit to New Mexico or live here and are interested, please send me an e-mail. If you can provide any goods or services that this business can use, before, during or after construction and opening, you can earn club credits good towards membership, day fees, camp sites, etc.

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