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Welcome to the worst fisherman in Northwest Florida's fishin hole!

Here I hope to share a little bit about my favorite past time.   Including a few of my favorite recipes, some tips and tricks, a picture or two, maybe a good or not so good place to hunt for these elusive creatures. 

About the worst fisherman in Northwest Florida:  I am a SWM currently stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base (Panama City, FL).  I regularly fish both fresh and salt water.  I belong to The Limited Lunkers (a bass club on Tyndall), which I currently rank near the bottom.  I would be in last place but they give points for just showing up at tournaments and meetings.  My partner is currently in second we fish out of the same boat (his) with the same lures I guess he has all the LUCK.  But I can catch a few in the salty water, except my buddy just left for Japan and didn't leave me his boat too watch.   So if your around Panama City and you need a fishin partner you can skunk (especially if your a cute little lady) send me a note. 

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 Please mail me any comments, complaints, suggestions, pictures, recipes, tips, links, phone numbers at cdavis24@bellsouth.net

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