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Warm greetings from our Clan to you! Currently, we live on the high plains of Northeastern Colorado
We enjoy camping, fishing, walks in the woods, hiking the prairie, riding bikes in the country, reading, and supporting the Avs
We hope to bring some of these interests to life here!
Below you will find other "rooms" at the Triplecee for you to check out. We've added some music to some of our pages for your listening pleasure as you peruse these pages. So turn up the volume and enjoy! We've added new pics to our family album check them out!
Special thanks to Amy and to Dorothy for assisting us lost souls with the various graphics throughout the Ranch!
Terri has been honored to have her MG Story published in the Newsletter for the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the Myasthenia Gravis Association, The Pipeline! She has also been contacted by Healthlinkusa to have her Myasthenia Gravis page linked with them! She's very excitied, hoping that the more information that is generated about MG, the sooner she'll WHOOP it!!! In November of 1999 the dreaded THYMECTOMY was performed and in 2001,2003,2005 & 2006 she underwent Plasmapheresis. The MG page has been updated with this information.
We hope you like what you see, and will come back from time to time to see what changes we may have made.

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Rooms at the Triplecee

Chris' Space
updated 08/17/06

Terri's Peaceful Room
updated 08/17/06

The Other Side of Me
Care to see the inner workings of Terri's mind???
updated 9/07/2006

Life With Myasthenia
updated 08/17/06

updated 8/26/06

C'mon 2018!!

For Terri With Love
updated 5/23/98

Family Gallery
updated 09/07/06!!


This is the Cunningham Family Page
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Please Email us at Mike, Terri & Chris with any comments you have.

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