Seminole Gamefowl

Cardinal Kelso, Cecil Davis Kelso, Reb Williamson Albany, and Leiper Hatch

On June 05, 1999 I fought a show of Sweater-Leiper crossed cocks in a 6-cock gaff derby at Spring Brook Game Club in Jeffersonville, Kentucky. There were 74 entries, including many of the toughest cockers you'll meet anywhere. The entry was fought under the name "Crown Royal". My handler, Mark Hackney, heeled and pitted the cocks. We won the derby solo with a score of 6 wins and 0 losses. Our first fight was a tough one, lasting about 45 minutes. Both cocks came down from the initial buckle dead on their feet. My Sweater-Leiper cock managed to game it out for the win. Our second fight lasted about 10 minutes. The third, fifth and sixth fights were over quick, each one decided in the first pitting. Our fourth fight matched my Sweater-Leiper cock into one of the toughest cockers in the building. His Kelso cock topped mine in the first pitting and stayed ahead of the fight for nearly three hours. Finally, we ran him off. I took my rooster to the cockhouse, cut the spurs off and set him in the holding box. Within 10 or 15 minutes, I checked on my rooster that had just won the fourth fight. He was already dead and stiff. I can honestly say that cock gave his last breath to win that fight for me. If you watch these cocks fight, you will agree that there is no question about the gameness and ability these cocks have. Come and witness it for yourself. There is nothing like seeing it with your own eyes. I am not saying my roosters are the best in the world. My cocks can be whipped just like anybody else's. But, when you set one of them on the score line, he will give you all he's got. What more can you ask for?

Offering the best in gamefowl. Bred for ability and gameness. These families have proven themselves in the pit. My gamefowl are winning 75% of their fights consistently. You are welcome to witness it for yourself. I am not talking behind someone else or making any untrue statements. My chickens have the best of care year around. Remember, health is the most important aspect of this sport.

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Brood fowl and battle fowl available most of the time. Call for prices or if I can answer any questions. I will help you all I can. For those of you with inquiring minds and a bit of curiosity in your blood, click on the picture of President Lincoln.

Warning: Viscious dog on premises at all times. Do not come unannounced!!


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