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Adcane, Brian 1)Badlands 2)The Crowd 3)Butcher Boy 97'
Addock, Nick

1)Schindlers List 2)Godfather 3)Casablanca

Alexander, M 1)The Best Man 2)How Stella Got...3)Rosewood
Alvarez, R.L. An Actors Revenge, African Queen, Aguirre The Wrath of...
Andrew, Colm 1)Jaws 2)One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest 3)Citizen Kane
Ann, Shirley Requiem For a Dream, American History X, The Shining...
Antunez, Dani 1)Sunrise (1927) 2)The Godfather II 3)All About Eve
Armstrong, Darrell 1)Once Upon A Time... 2)Ben Hur 3)Greed
Arvind The Bad & the Beautiful, Taxi Driver, Midnight Cowboy
Baker, Chuck 1)Hoop Dreams 2)Pulp Fiction 3)Leaving Las Vegas
Baratta, Chris 1)The Ice Storm 2)The Big Easy 3)Monty Python's Life...
Barnes, Karl 1)The Exorcist 2)Star Wars 3)Empire Strike Back
Baron, Dan & Valerie 1)Deer Hunter 2)Apocalypse Now 3)Dr. Strangelove...
Bayram, Senol
1)Godfather 2)Shawshank 3)Godfather Part II
Beechuk, Jeff 1)Dirty Harry 2)A Clockwork Orange 3)Caddyshack
Berg, Jeremy 1)A Matter of Life and D.2)It's a Wonderful Life 3)Gone w/...
Bergamasco, Marc 1)Indiana Jones Series 2)Das Boot 3)Billy Madison
Betesh, Brian 1)Dumb and Dumber 2)Usual Suspects 3)Forrest Gump
Billings, Ken 1)Schindlers List 2)Casablanca 3)Its a wonderful life
Black, Aidan 1)Interview with the Vamp. 2)Thin Red Line3)The Pianist
Blumenthal, Jim 1)Tootsie 2)Ferris Buellers Day Off 3)The Big Lebowski
Bo, Aslak Eide 1)Blade Runner 2)Apocalypse Now 3)Good, The Bad &...
Bockting, Matthijs 1)The Pianist 2)Le Fabuleux Destin 3)Tilsammans
Bonar, Cody 1)Walk The Line 2)Forrest Gump 3)Shawshank Redemption
Boschini, Alberto 12 Monkeys, 1900, 1984
Bourland, Brad 1)Casablanca 2)The Godfather 3)Citizen Kane
Boyne, Paul 1)Seven Samurai 2)Citizen Kane 3)The Godfather
Brammer, Jacky 1)Citizen Kane 2)Godfather 3)LA Confidential
Brendan Forrest Gump, Godfather, Schindlers List
Brennan 1)Platoon 2)Cool Hand Luke 3)The Godfather
Briones, Mel 1)Star Wars Epic 2)Godfat. Tril. 3)Schindlers L.
Brook, David 1)Godfather 2)Empire Stikes Back 3)Once Upon a Time...
Browne, Tom Alien, All Quiet on the West...., El Angel Exterminador
Byrd, Greg 1)Matrix 2)Schindlers List 3)The Graduate
C, Ivan Huerta 1)Star Wars 2)Casablanca 3)Schindlers List
C., John 1)LOTR: Return 2)Gladiator 3)LOTR: Fellowhip
Cammack, Sean 1)Taxi Driver 2)Apocalypse Now 3)The Godfather
Campbell, Bennett 1)Happiness 2)Man Bites Dog 3)The Kingdom
Caraco, Adam 1)Taxi Driver 2)Scarface 3)Usual Suspects
Cardinaal, Vincent 1)Vertigo 2)In the Mood for Love 3)2001
Carlso, David 1)Pulp Fiction 2)Goodfellas 3)Trainspotting
Carmelitano, Mark 1)Grumpy Old Men 2)La Bamba 3)Reindeer Games
Carranza, Cassa 1)Wild Cats 2)Falling Down 3)Harlem Nights
Carruthers, Mike 1)American Beauty 2)Shawshank Redemption 3)Psycho
Chen, Matthew 1)2001 2)Schindlers List 3)The Godfather II
Chronister, C. 1)Apocalypse Now 2)Gone With The Wind 3)Casablanca
Cimino, Joe 1)Godfather 2)Meanstreets 3)Raging Bull
Colin 1)The Godfather 2)Citizen Kane 3)Vertigo
Cooper, Christopher 1)Citizen Kane 2)The Godfather 3)Lawrence of Arabia
Cornelissen, P. 1)Stalker 2)Sombre 3)Apocalypse Now
Correa, Jose G 1)Grande Illusion 2)Dr. Strangelove 3)Citizen Cane
Corrigan, Lina 1)Almost Famous 2)Trainspotting 3)Snow Falling On...
Costigan, William 1)The Matrix Trilogy 2)Schindlers List 3)The Graduate
Crona, Johan 1)The Wild Bunch 2)Blade Runner 3)The Celebration
Cunha, Richard 1)The Killer 2)Hard Boiled 3)Romeo Must Die
Cunningham, Jesse 1)Before Sunrise 2)Dangerous Beauty 3)Casablanca
D., Justin 1)2001 2)Andrei Rublyov 3)Fanny & Alexander
Dahlmann, Brett 1)Dumb and Dumber 2)Reservoir Dogs 3)Ghostbusters
Dale, Ivan 1)One Flew Over the... 2)Barry Lyndon 3)The Godfather
Dalebonics The Singing Detective, I Claudius, Whose Afraid of V..?
Dalton, Michael 1)Steamboat Bill Jr 2)M 3) The Invisible Man
Dann, Cory 1) Planes, Trains & ...2) Dumb & Dumber 3) Major League
Davidson, Kirstin 1)Moulin Rouge 2)Citizen Kane 3)E.T.
Davies, John 1)Sansho the Bailiff 2)Stroy of the Late... 3)Andrei Rublev
De Rozario, Rony 1)The Graduate 2)Summer of 42' 3)Star Wars
Definitive 1)Good Will Hunting 2)Stealing Beauty 3)My Fair Lady
Dickson, Matthew Braveheart, Cool Hand Luke, The Godfather
Dolphijn, Jan 1)Seven Samurai 2)Pulp Fiction 3)M
Duschik, Chris 1)All Quiet On The Western F. 2)All About Eve 3)Alien
Eichhorn, Rolf 1)Planes, trains & 2)Breakfast Club 3)Le fabuleux....
English, Kara American Beauty, American History X, Forest Gump...
Fahy, Matt 1)Apocalypse Now 2)Goodfellas 3)Godfather
Fairbairn, Luke 1)The Graduate 2)One Flew Over... 3)Godfather
Fairbairn, Patrick 1)Taxi Driver 2)Chasing Amy 3)Godfather II
Farkas, Dennis 1)Carlito's Way 2)Rounders 3)Fight Club
Fels, Clifton 1)Who's Afraid of V... 2)Barton Fink 3)Apocalypse Now
Fisher, James H. 1)The 7 Samurai 2)The Sting 3)The Godfather I
Flanary, Rob 1)Scarface 2)Goodfellas 3)Casino
Flynn, Michael 1)Face/Off 2)The Shawshank R. 3)Planes, Trains,...
Ford, Lee 1)Fight Club 2)Matrix 3)Godfather II
Fraser, Andrew 1)Citizen Kane 2)Godfather I & II 3)Casablanca
Fury, Joe Godfather, The Good, the bad,..., The Killing Fields
G., Davy American Beauty, Braveheart, Forrest Gump
G., Matt 1)Sunset Blvd 2)Casablanca 3)La Strada
Gábor, Juhasz 1)Seven 2)Blair Witch Project 3)Dead Poets Society
Gallay, Adam 1)Moulin Rouge 2)American Beauty 3)The Matrix
George 1)Mulholland Drive 2)Seven 3)L'Appartment
Gerischer, Tade 1)Star Wars 2)Empire Strikes Back 3)Return of the Jedi
Gibson, Sunny 1)Edward Scissorhands 2)West Side Story 3)Hairspray
Gifford, Jeff Goodfellas, Lord of the Rings, Godfather
Giovanni 1)The Godfather 2)Gone With the Wind 3)Rocky
Glick, William 1)2001 2)Dr. Strangelove... 3)LOTR Trilogy
Gormur 1)Aliens 2)Alien Resurrection 3)Bram Stoker's Dracula
Gowen, James 1)Citizen Kane 2)2001 3)Schindler's List
Grant 1)Cool Hand Luke 2)Blade Runner 3)Sunset Blvd
Gringo, El 1)Dangerous Minds 2)Born in East LA 3)Breakfast Club
Gritchni, George 1)Swiss Family R. 2)Escape From Witch... 3)Breakin' 2
Guadagno, Heather 1) Planes, Trains & ...2)Sliding Doors 3)One Flew Over The...
Guller, Illes Otto e Mezzo, La Dolce Vita, La Strada
Gutierrez, Marcio 1)Jaws 2)The Godfather 3)Seven Samurai
Haringa, Ytsen 1)Pulp Fiction 2)Resevoir Dogs 3)Scarface
Harrington, Curtis 1)Taxi Driver 2)Magnolia 3)Life is Beautiful
Harvey, Nick Almost Famous, American Pie, American Pie II
Hassan, Hafiz 1)Shawshank R 2)Dead Man Walking 3)The Godfather Tril.
Hayward Roxanne, Amadeus, North by Northwest
Haze, Lola Lolita, Labyrinth, Edward Scissorhands
Hlutke, Jon 1)Godfather 2)Braveheart 3)2001
Holland, David 1)Citizen Kane 2)Godfather Trilogy 3)All Quiet on the
Hollingsworth, David 1)Mash 2)On the Waterfront 3)Breakfast at Tiffany's
Holmes, Rafe 1)Citizen Kane 2)The Third Man 3)Casablanca
Hoolihan, Chad 1)Raiders of the Lost A.2)Evil Dead II 3)Clockwork Orange
Hougee, Mathew 1)Pulp Fiction 2)Star Wars 3)One Flew Over The...
Huffhines, John 1)All Quiet On.(1930) 2)Frankenstien (1931) 3)King Kong
Huntington, Chris 1)Shaws. Redemp. 2)Dances w W. 3)Godf. Trilog
I.K. 1)La Dolce Vita 2)The Godfather 3)Raging Bull
J., Dennis 1)Braveheart 2)Dances With Wolves 3)E.T.
J.V. Godfather, Shawshank Redemp..., Godfather II
Jami-Lee 12 Monkeys, Acid House, Amelie...
jason 1)Matrix trilogy 2)Scarface 3)Godfather Trilogy
Jason Pulp Fiction, Taxi Driver, 2001
Jay Saving Private Ryan, Godfather, Godfather II
Jayme 1)Green Mile 2)Remember the Titans 3)Dirty Dancing
JDR3 1)Escape From Witch...2)My favorite M. ..3)Home Alone
Jeff 1)Sling Blade 2)GoodFellas 3)Raging Bull
Jerome, Jeff 1)Seven 2)The Godfather 3)Usual Suspects
Jessie 1)Dude Where's My Car 2)The Cell 3)Saving P...
Johanns, Stephen Nosferatu, Greed, The Gold Rush...
Johnson, Gordon 1)Clockwork Orange 2)Pulp Fiction 3)Citizen Kane
Johnson, Ian 1)American Beauty 2)Stand By Me 3)Fargo
Johnston, Scott 1)Crouching Tiger...2)Apocalypse Now 3)Taxi Driver
Jon 1)The Searchers 2)Gone With The Wind 3)Godfather
Jones, Ryan 1)Godfather 2)Apocalypse Now 3)A Clockwork O.
Jopotato, Joe 1)Fahrenheit 451 2)How to Make a..3)Seven Samurai
Kaiser, Jasmin 1)Dances with wolves 2)Titantic 3)Arcenic and old lace
Kalliomaki, P. 1)The Cabinet of... 2)Sherlock Jr 3)The Battleship P.
Kamerman, Randy 1)Braveheart 2)The Godfather 3)Cool Hand Luke
Kelderman, Frank 1)2001 2)Raging Bull 3)The Godfather
Kelderman, Jasper 1)Shawshank Redemption 2)JFK 3)The Return of the King
Kelly, Barbara 1)Mrs. Soffel 2)Days Of Heaven 3)Ethan Fromme
Khan, Andrew 1)Asoka 2)The Double Life..3)Suspiria
Kindersley, Paul A Bout De Souffle, 8 Femmes, All About Eve...
Kiviat, Jonathan 1)Requiem for a Dream 2)Schindler's List 3)Magnolia
Klev, Thomas 1)Brick 2)n/a 3)Lock, Stock, & Two Barrels
Kocak, Noi 1)Scarface 2)Goodfellas 3)West Side Story
Koontz, Stephen 1)Dumb & Dumber 2)Gladiator 3)Tommy Boy
Korthals, Rein 1)Apocalypse Now 2)Clockwork Orange 3)Wild at Heart
Kozeny, Brianna 1)Top Gun 2)Double Jepordy 3)L.A. Confid.
Kyser, Jack 1)Godfather 2)Raging Bull 3)Gangs of New York
Kyzanski, Theodore
1)Wing Commander 2)Godfather 3)Phat Beach
L, Jonathan 1)Reservoir Dogs 2)The Way of the Gun 3)Magnolia
Leto, Mike 8 1/2, 12 Angry Men, The 400 Blows
Levin, Josh 1)Citizen Kane 2)Godfather 3)Raging Bull
Lindsey, Gray 1)Chinatown 2)Amadeus 3)The Godfather
Lindsey, John 1)Independence Day 2)The Dark Crystal 3)Star Wars Tri.
Lopes, Henrique Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), Dreams, Amadeus
Losada, Vinnie 1)The Godfather Trilogy 2)Goodfellas 3)Star Wars Trilogy
Luzar, John 1)Magnolia 2)Godfather 2)Citizen Kane
Mahr, Phillip 1)Au Hasard Balthazar 2)Mouchette 3)Pickpocket
Malinhin 1)Shawshank Redemption 2)Sunset Blvd. 3)The Godfather
Manuel, Stevie 1)Pulp Fiction 2)Taxi Driver 3)Godfather
Marie, Lisa 1)Godfather II 2)Schindlers List 3)Citizen Kane
Martin, Dave 1)The Godfather 2)Life is Beautiful 3)Dr. Strangelove..
Martin, Michael 1)Citizen Cane 2)Lawrence of Arabia 3)Bridge on the...
Martins, H. 1)Pulp Fiction 2)The Paths of Glory 3)The Big Country
Marzyman 1)The Usual Suspects 2)Return of the Jedi 3)Dush Till Dawn
Mason, Geoffrey Mister Roberts,The Game, Rear Window
Matthew 1)The Searchers 2)The Godfather 3)Casablanca
McFarlane, Adrian 1)Jaws 2)The Karate Kid 3)Mr. Smith Goes to Wash.
McGee, Carkeys 1)The Wizard of Oz 2)Citizen Kane 3)Vertigo
McGuire, John 1)The Godfather 2)Godfather Part II 3)Raging Bull
Menounos, Pete The Godfather, The Good, the Bad..., The Killing Fields
Metzger, Patrick 1)Schindlers List 2)Godfather Part II 3)Green Mile
Mike 1) The Godfather 2)The Taxi Driver 3)The Godfather II
Milkman 1)The Godfather 2)Apocalypse Now 3)Goodfellas
Milller, Adam 1)Full Metal Jacket 2)Fight Club 3)Apocalypse Now
Minetti, Mike 1)Pulp Fiction 2)Prince of the City 3)A Clockwork Orange
Moens, Hilke 1)Pride & prejudice 2)Schindler's list 3)The shawshank R.
Monk, Ed 1)Citizen Kane 2)Godfather I & II 3)Raging Bull
Montero, Moises 1)Ben Hur 2)Scarface 3)Pink Floyd On The Wall
Moonlke, Jona The Thin Red Line, The Cider House..., The Perfect Storm
Moore, Rick 1)Braveheart 2)Saving Private Ryan 3)The Green Mile
Moshiashvili, George 1)Godfather II 2)One Flew Over The... 3)Ben Hur
Moulton, Jack 1)La Haine (Hate) 2)Seven 3)Fight Club
Murray, Malcolm 1)Its a wonderful life 2)Jaws 3)Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship...
Nathan & Jessica 1)American Beuaty 2)Pulp Fiction 3)Magnolia
Naylon, James 1)Goodfellas 2)The Shining 3)Glengary Glen Ross
Neophytou, Phyvos 1)Raging Bull 2)Godfather I and II 3)One Flew Over...
Newell, Gabe 1)The Princess Bride 2)Willow 3)Goonies
Nick 1)American Beauty 2)Mulholland Drive 3)Godfather Trilogy
Norlander, Wally 1)Godfather Part II 2)Godfather 3)Gone With The End
Norton, Stephen 1)Apoc. Now 2)Aquirre, The Wrath.. 3)Dont Look Now
O., Joe 1)Terminator 2: Judgement Day 2)Predator 3)Jaws
O.D.R. Jr Titatic, Star Wars, Frankenstein
Obrien, Jason 1)2001: A Space Odyssey 2)Shindler's List 3)JFK
Obrien, Tim 1)Apocalyse Now 2)Brazil 3)The Graduate
O'Deary, Phil 1)Citizen Kane 2)Vertigo 3)Rear Window
Offord, Jason 1)Gladiator 2)The Matrix 3)American Beauty
O'Hara, Dan Star Wars Trilogy, The Godfather, The Godfather II
O Rayes, Daniel 1)Rocky 2)Angels With Dirty Faces 3)Goodfellas
Pall, Sigurdur 1)Sĺnger frĺn andra vĺningen 2)Underground 3)Trust
Panarotti, Ron 1)LOTR Triliogy 2)Midnight Run 3)The Godfather
Parks, Steven 1)Fight Club 2)Pulp Fiction 3)12 Monkeys
Pedro, Joăo Apocalypse Now, Casablanca, The Deer Hunter
Peterson, Mike 1)Slk Punk 2)True Romance 3)Forrest Gump
Pinkerton, Nathan 1)Apocalypse Now 2)Citizen Kane 3)The Godfather
Pfistner, John Scarface, The Towering Inferno, Jaws
Plante, Pascal 1)Pulp Fiction 2)Goodfellas 3)Dr. Strangelove...
Pop, Vali 007 World is Not.., 007 Tomorrow Never.., 15 Minutes
Powell, Jeffrey 1)Casablanca 2)Schindler's List 3)Willy Wonka & ...
Prevost, Dan 1)Shawsh. Redemp. 2)Empire S.. 3)Dog Day Afternoon
Pybus, Brit 1)LOTR: Fellow. .2)Silence of the Lambs 3)On the Waterfront
Random, Eric Adventures of Robin H., Akira, American Graffiti
Rahul 1)Titantic 2)Gladiator 3)Jaws
Riback, Randy 1)L.A. Confiden. 2)Usual Suspects 3)Taxi Driver
Rische, Robert 1)The Godfather 2)The Truman Show 3)Independence Day
Rowan, Andrew 1)Casablanca 2)Lawrence of Arabia 3)Gone with the Wind
Roy, Sayonton 1)Philadelphia 2)Saving Private Ryan 3)A Patch of Blue
Ruben 1)Schindler's List 2)Dr. Strangelove 3)Citizen Kane
Ruiz, Orlando 1)Titantic 2)Citizen Kane 3)The Godfather
Rumsey, Gary 1)Godfather II 2)American Beauty 3)Godfather
Runion, G. Brett 1) Notorious 2) The Color Purple 3) Braveheart
sam 1)Shawshank Redemption 2)Godfather Trilogy 3)Star Wars Saga
Schmeits, Eelko 1)Chinatown 2)Lawrence of Arabia 3)Vertigo
Schneiter, Erie 1)Life is Beautiful 2)City of Lost Children 3)Snatch
Scholten, Jasper 2001, Star Wars: A New Hope, Gladiator
Schmitt, Benjamin 1)2001 2)Mouchette 3)Shawshank Redemption
Scott, Ian 1)Cinema Paradiso 2)La Strada 3)Citizen Kane
Scully, Jason 1)Raging Bull 2)Rear Window 3)Pulp Fiction
Severson, Matt Les Vampires, Greed, A Woman of Paris
Shahkar, Hooman Greed, Sherlock Junior, The Battleship Potemkin
Siena, Craig 1)One Flew Over...2)Dr. Strangelove 3)Silence of Lambs
Sinelo, Salvetore 1)Goodfellas 2)Seven Samurai 3)400 Blows
Sluggo Casablanca, True Romance, Field of Dreams
Smith, Michael 1)Empire Strikes Back 2)Patton 3)Jaws
Smyser, Nick 1)Forrest Gump 2)Million Dollar Baby 3)Shawshank Redemption
Soberón T, Edgar 1)El inquilino diabólico 2)El gabinete del... 3)Nanook of...
Sonic, Mr. 1)2001: A Space Odyssey 2)Red 3)Wings of Desire
Stef, Chef 1)The Abyss 2)Almost Famous 3)American Graffiti
Stephenson, Matt 1)The Searchers 2)Casablanca 3)The Godfather
Stevens, Alan 1)Schindlers List 3)It's a Wonderful Life 3)39 Steps
Stewart, Allen 1)Casablanca 2)Annie Hall 3)Dr. Strangelove...
Stiger, Chris 1)Citizen Kane 2)Fearless 3)La Femme Nikita
Storey, Martin 1)Godfather 2 2)Taxi Driver 3)Raging Bull
Taeoalii, Joshua Seven, Legends of the Fall, Braveheart
Thomas, Rob 1)Star Wars 2)The Shawshank Redempt. 3)Band of Brothers
Thompson, Philip 2001, Adaptation, Aliens...
Tilley, Matthew its a wonderful life, the godfather, casablanca
Tim 1)Saving Private Ryan 2)Pulp Fiction 3)Terminator 2
Timmerman, Brigette Blue Velvet, Casablanca, Wizard of Oz....
Tiplady, Owen 1)Bladerunner 2)Big Lebowski 3)Wonderland
Tom 1)Godfather 2)Schindlers List 3)Godfather II
Tony & Clive 1)Citizen Kane 2)Persona 3)Rashomon
Trovillion, Adam 1)Seven Samuria 2)Citizen Kane 3)Vertigo
Turner, Jake 1)Grapes of Wrath 2)Citizen Kane 3)Apocalypse Now
Turpie, Matt 1)Apocalypse Now 2)2001 3)Godfather
Tyla Color Purple, Harold & Maude, Wizard of Oz...
V., Oliver 1)Faithless 2)Mirror 3)Annie Hall
Van't Hoff, Joop 1)Once Upon A... 2)Gone With Wind 3)Once Upon A Time...
Vera 1)Full Metal Jacket 2)Sunset Blvd 3)Goodfellas
Vinci, Stanely 1)Saving Private Ryan 2)Forrest Gump 3)Fight Club
Vinny The Exorcist, Bram Stokers Dracula, Halloween
Vischer, Lucas 1)Sleppy Hollow 2)Trainspotting 3)Big Lebowski
Votto, Michael R. 1)Schindler's List 2)Saving Private Ryan 3)Godfather
Waddy, Ron 1)Boys N Da Hood 2)Do The Right Thing 3)The Godfather
Wade, Kip 1)The Gold Rush 2)Taxi Driver 3)The Godfather Pts. 1 & 2
Wald, Dagan 1)Brazil 2)Mash 3)Lenny
Wang, K.G. 1)Shawshank R... 2)Pulp Fiction 3)Godfather
Warden, J. 1)2001 2)Barry Lyndon 3)Annie Hall
Waters, Jeremy 8 1/2, 12 Angry Men, 2001
Watkins, Kyle 1)Truman Show 2)Mission Imposs.: II 3)Jerry Maguire
Weber, Collin 1)Magnolia 2)Leon 3)Requiem for a Dream
White, Richard 1)Star Wars 2)Raiders of the Lost Arc 3)Citizen Kane
Wiese, Patrick 1)Toy Story 2)Vertigo 3)Jaws
Wilder, Orson 1)Casablanca 2)2001 3)The Bridge on the River Kwai
Wiley, Arlo 1)Pulp Fiction 2)Godfather II 3)Ghostbusters
Will 1)schindlers list 2)Casablanca 3)vertigo
Williams, Darren 1)Taxi Driver 2)Project A 3)The Godfather
Willingham, Dave 1)Taxi Driver 2)Schindler's List 3)Goodfellas
Wilson, Mike 1)Command Decision 2)Casablanca 3)Saving Private Ryan
Woodford, Ryan 1)Seven 2)Saving Private Ryan 3)Sling Blade
Xenophontos, T. 1)Godfather II 2)Raging Bull 3)Godfather
Yothment, Lucus 1)Rocky 2)Shawshank Redemption 3)Braveheart
Yu, Vincent 1)Forrest Gump 2)Dances w/ Wolves 3)Heat
Yucesan, Mehmet 1)Shawshank Redemption 2)Braveheart 3)LOTR Trilogy
Ziegler, Ben 1)The Shawshank R. 2)Goodfellas 3)Saving Private...

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