The Afrodavid Thinktank

The Afrodavid Thinktank is a space to think. It's not really important what "Afrodavid" literally means. It means different things to different people: individual differences being what they are and all. The origin of the word Afrodavid is personal and private and sacred. Whatever.


Afrodavid is a place to search for and sometimes find meaning - if you're lucky and if you're patient. Narcissism and Deconstruction are very different things. It's not at all about admiration or conceit; it's more about the empirical quest for answers to nagging questions about certainty, truth and identity. These works are part of that journey.


Like MIDDLESPACE, this space is created to ponder:

It is difficult to comprehend just how powerful and satisfying incredible thinking can be. Specifically, clear and unpolluted, virgin thinking. Thinking without motive; thinking without purpose. When editing and filtering do not happen, one develops a flow unlike any other. It's a tree falling in the woods and there is no care. There is no production or output; and that's the shame. It is not translatable.


Think about it.