Kvasnikoff Kaluga Connection

Grigorii Kvasnikov (Kvasnikoff) and his wife Mavra Rastorguev of Kodiak and their children were the first family to permanently settle in Ninilchik. They moved to Ninilchik in 1847. From the records of the Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska, we know that Grigorii was a "free settler, Kaluga townsman." Katherine Arndt, researcher from Fairbanks, has studied more Russian documents about the settlement of Ninilchik and adds that Grigorii was a "burger", that is, a free citizen, not an indentured worker, in Kaluga. We have been trying for several years to find more information in Russia about Grigorii and his family background. So far we have been unsuccessful, although we have learned that there are about twenty Kvasnikov families who live in Moscow, which is about 120 miles (200 kilometers) north-north-east of the Kaluga region.

We made contact by computer email with a 29 year old computer programmer in Siberia. His name is Konstantin Kvasnikov, and his great great grandfather was also from Kaluga. We may have finally discovered a branch of our relatives alive and well in Russia. Konstantin, whose shortened Russian nickname is Kostya, has even sent us a picture of himself. It appears below. Kostya welcomes "penpal" email messages from those of us who may be his "faraway relatives."

Konstantin Kvasnikov, in Siberia, descended from a Kvasnikov family in Kaluga, Russia

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