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Rwanda? Kosovo? Bosnia? Iraq? Korea? What next?

This book outlines how to reorganize the U.S. Army into a fully 2 and 3-Dimensional maneuver capable, ground force with terrain-agile, armored fighting vehicles sized to rapidly deploy by fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft to the scene of world conflicts and strike at the heart of freedom’s enemies. The plan to build the Army into Air-Mech-Strike Forces, exploiting emerging information-age technologies, as well as America’s supremacy in aircraft and helicopter delivery systems---at the lowest cost to the taxpayers, is described in detail. These Army warfighting organizations, using existing and some newly purchased equipment, will shape the battlefield to America’s advantage, preserving the peace before it is lost; if not, then winning fights that must be fought quickly. The dangerous world we live in moves by the speed of the AIR, and the 21st Century U.S. Army 2D/3D combat team will dominate this medium by Air-Mech-Strike!



BG David L. Grange, U.S. Army (Ret.)
BG Huba Wass De Czege, U.S. Army (Ret.)
LTC Richard D. Liebert, Infantry USAR
LTC Lester W. Grau U.S. Army (Ret.)
LTC Larry A. Altersitz, Field Artillery (Ret.)
MAJ Charles A. Jarnot, Aviation
MAJ Allen L. Huber, Aviation
CPT John S. Wilson II, Armor USARNG
CPT Carlton G. Meyer, USMC (Ret.)
LT Michael L. Sparks, Infantry USAR
SSG Brian Heitman, Infantry U.S. Army
SGT John E. Richards, Mil Intelligence
Mr. Jacob W. Kipp, civilian intel analyst
Mr. Roy S. Ardillo, former Mil Intelligence
Emery E. Nelson, former Armor Soldier
Carol A. Murphy, web designer

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* Enhanced definition of "Air-Mech-Strike" (it ain't rubber tired armored cars)
* Computer simulations that show AMS 3D tracked tank force structure is far superior to existing and rubber-tired armored car IBCTs
* Afghanistan Operation Anaconda Air-Mech operations using tracked BV-206s and M-GATOR ATVs
* Sub-National Terrorist Group decisive maneuver defeat mechanisms
* Defeat of enemy surveillance strike complexes (SSCs) by MANEUVER
* Piasecki Vectored Thrust Ducted Compound Helicopters
* Articulated armored fighting vehicles (BV-206S)
* Nose Loading equipment for cargo 747s
* Tracked and Air Cushion landing gear for extreme STOL airland operations
* Reduced turrets to make M1/M2 into medium weight OFFENSIVE platforms
* 2.75" Hydra-70 rockets on ground vehicles for better firepower/shock action
* More exclusive photos of Air-Mech operations by U.S., British and Russians
* ACTD proposals for 82nd Airborne and 101st Air Assault Divisions
* Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) cargo airships to speed heavy 2D forces and logistics without need of runways/ports
* Cost and performance comparisons of tracked tanks versus LAV-III/Stryker rubber-tired armored cars
* Ducted-fan FTR concepts
* Infared camouflage for armored fighting vehicles and troops
* How AMS maneuver can collapse the will of our enemies


"If you care about our Army read this book! Dave Grange's team has come up with some new thinking in "Air-Mech-Strike: 3-Dimensional Phalanx" on how to move faster, strike harder and do more without spending a fortune designing all-new equipment. Their ideas deserve a fair hearing at the top decision-making levels of the Army and DOD.”

Joseph L. Galloway
Senior writer, U.S. News & World Report
Co-author "We Were Soldiers Once....and Young."

"Air-Mech-Strike is a must read concerning the most important debate now facing any and all who want to understand future war. The book's essence: fighting will be three-dimensional. The flat map becomes a cube with the air another flank to be exploited. Chapter and verse, with plenty of challenging thinking.”

John R. Galvin
Dean and hold of the
Charles F. Adams/Raytheon Chair

"Air-Mech-Strike is a monumental work in progress and a credit to the military expertise of its authors. It advocates providing the enhancement of combat power to Airborne and light forces essential to deal with the future challenges of Small Scale Contingencies and then some."

General Volney F. Warner (U.S. Army, Retired)
Former XVIIIth Airborne Corps Commander

"Today's Army is smack in the middle of a great transformation to build a more lethal, more deployable fighting force. Significantly, the Army leadership is pushing hard for realistic, practical solutions now, not in two decades. This book proposes just such solutions. The authors are worthy successors to Lieutenant General Jim Gavin and Lieutenant General Hamilton Howze, visionary leaders who introduced the gospel of airmobility to our Army nearly half a century ago. If you want to know how a transformed U.S. Army can fight and win in wars and confrontations great and small, read this book."

Colonel Daniel P. Bolger,
distinguished author of Dragons at War, Death Ground: American Infantry in battle, The Battle for Hunger Hill

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