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"A writer writes not because she is educated but because she is driven by the need to
 communicate. Behind the need to communicate is the need to share. Behind the need to share is  the need to be understood. The writer wants to be understood much more than she wants to be respected or praised or even loved. And that perhaps, is what makes her different from others.   ~Leo Rosten~

"We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other
languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets
for new vocabulary." ~~ James D. Nicoll

Just posted : December 21, 2001

Christmas Carols? by Jennifer

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

Since I can't stand half-finished fanfics that are left un-updated for days, weeks, months...  I can promise you that you won't find that here.  I don't post any stories until they are completed. ( That's part of the reason I don't update as frequently as I wish I could. )
~ Aislinn , April 20, 2000


"Fan fiction is a culture's way of repairing the damage done in a system where contemporary myths are owned by corporations instead of owned by the folk."
~ Henry Jenkins

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JOY  ~~ The Society for Childlike Adults

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remain the © copyright of the original author and artists.
These may not be republished without the author's or artist's consent.

Dragon Child Series : by Aislinn and Jennifer
This is a Kung Fu : The Legend Continues series ~ Peter finds a new friend.

Firecatt's Stories ( aka Aislinn):
Feedback: Aislinn

Goodbye My Friend : by Aislinn ( The Sentinel ) ~

Make a Wish :  by Aislinn ( The Sentinel )
Blair has been disappearing and Jim wants to know why.

Murder is Not an Option : by Aislinn ( The Sentinel ) ~ challenge story
When a stakeout takes a turn for the worst, Blair has to deal with some volatile emotions.

Aftermath by Aislinn ( The Sentinel )
Warning: Death story.

Rage by Aislinn ( The Sentinel )
Naomi says the wrong thing.

Reverie by Aislinn ( The Sentinel )
Has Jim gone crazy? Is Blair's hat really evil? <G>

Where the Wild Geese Fly by Aislinn ( Shadowrun)
Ch. 1 ...Ch2...Ch. 3....Ch.4....Ch5....Ch.6....Ch.7....Ch.8....Epilogue

Shadows of the Night   by Aislinn ( Shadowrun )

A Secret Saved is a Secret Learned. by Aislinn (Forever Knight)

Tam Lin by Aislinn ( original fiction: not completed. )

David's Stories:
Feedback: David

CyberNight and Beware of David ( Shadowrun)

Jennifer's stories:
Feedback : Jennifer

Christmas Carols? by Jennifer  ( The Sentinel )  Part 1 - Part 6

Creature of the Wood by Jennifer ( The Sentinel )  At the author's request this story has been removed for reworking. I jumped the gun by posting it. I apologize to you all and urge you to come back later to read it. It's REALLY good. :-) ~~ Firecatt

Campingby Jennifer ( The Sentinel )
Drabble.  Just what was that noise???

 Passing the Protectorate by Jennifer ( The Sentinel )
 Blair told Jim he got his file from a nurse he was ... tutoring. Spoilers for Switchman.

Black Ellen by Jennifer ( The Sentinel / World of Darkness crossover )
 Slight AU. Blair listens to a story.

Haunting Me by Jennifer ( The Sentinel )
Missing scenes for Sentinel Too, parts 1 and 2.

Senses by Jennifer ( The Sentinel ) Poem

Spirit Walk by Jennifer ( The Sentinel )
Slight AU. This takes place sometime during the second year after Blair  becomes a detective. (Yeah, sorry, but I couldn't let him rot in academia.) This is a companion piece to Demonstrating Wisdom, though you don't need to read that to understand this, and is rated PG-13 for some violence, references to torture, good fight scenes, and non-canon character deaths.

Demonstrating Wisdom by Jennifer ( The Sentinel )
Blair meditates.

Misconceptions by Jennifer  ( The Sentinel )
Never assume.

Child of Water, Child of Earth by Jennifer ( The Sentinel )
A Sentinel poem.

One of Those Weeks by Jennifer  ( The Sentinel )
Jim's at conference and Blair's having one of those weeks.

Masks  by Jennifer ( The Sentinel )
A poem.

A Sharing of Strength by Jennifer ( The Sentinel )
It's about family.

With One Punch  by Jennifer ( The Sentinel )
 Overheard in the bullpen...

Running With the Pack by Jennifer ( The Sentinel )
Blair gets in touch with his spiritual side.

Unexpected Encounters by Jennifer ( Original fiction. ) NEW  8/31/01

The Visitation by Jennifer ( original fiction , this would fit any fandom )

 Final Goodbye by Jennifer  ( original fiction )

Stained by Jennifer ( Original Poem )

The Dog Days of Summer by Jennifer ( Original )

Runaway Train by Jennifer ( SeaQuest )

The Final Confrontation  by Jennifer ( Animorphs/The Crow crossover)

The Bully by Jennifer  ( Animorphs )

 Sleepwalker  by Jennifer ( Earth 2 )

Songs in the Key of Fu ..5 stories by Jennifer ( Kung Fu: the Legend Continues)

Birthdays by Jennifer ( Kung Fu: the Legend Continues)

Joss. by Jennifer ( Kung Fu: the Legend Continues)

Daggers Jennifer ( Kung Fu : TLC poem)

Here There Be Dragons by Jennifer (Kung Fu: TLC) NEW 12/15/98

Hunter and Prey by Jennifer ( X- Men)

 Demon Possession by Jennifer  (Excalibur)

When the Past Catches Up . by Jennifer ( Tomorrow People)

One Word by Jennifer ( Tomorrow People )

Never Judge a Berry by it's Sweetness by : Jennifer ( Elf Quest)

Is Your Love Strong Enough? by : Jennifer ( X-Files)

Imaginary Friends by Jennifer ( Poltergeist: The Legacy)

Injured "Nick's story." by Jennifer ( Poltergeist: The Legacy)

Injured "The other side of the story." by Jennifer ( Poltergeist: The Legacy)

Full Circle by Jennifer ( Poltergeist: The Legacy)

Free Spirit by Jennifer; While this is not fan fiction it is a neat piece.

Delayby Jennifer : A Sequel to Free Spirit ~

Inevitable by Jennifer :: Poem

COKIE's Stories ::
Feedback : Cokie

Pete's Dragon : by Cokie ( Kung Fu: The Legend Continues )

To Everything There Is A Season:  by Cokie ( Kung Fu: The Legend Continues )

Norcumi's Stories :  For more of her wonderful work go to : Norcumi's Fiction Page
Feedback : Norcumi

But... by Norcumi ( The Sentinel )

Gift of Memory by Norcumi ( The Sentinel ) ~

Price of Friendship by Norcumi ( The Sentinel ) ~

Fire Drill  by Norcumi ( The Sentinel ) ~~ challenge story.

DeckerM's Stories:
Feeback : DeckerM

DeckerM's Shadowrun Stories  This is Decker's web site of her Shadowrun stories. ( They are fabulous!!! )

More of her fiction will be posted here soon. She has a Sentinel story she is working on for me now. <VBG>

 "So, you didn't like the way Cypher ended.  Do you think there should have been more to Dead Drop?  And can we just start over with Prisoner X?  That's the goal of The Sentinel: Special Edition We have rewritten all 65 episodes of The Sentinel to give the fans the scenes they wanted to see. "  Go check out...


Feedback doesn't have to be a detailed critique. Even a quick note saying "I like your story." is welcome and really makes our day..

"Feedback is an essential for a writer, as much a necessity as food and water.  It tickles us to death when someone loves our stories and makes us cry when they rip it to shreds but we feel unnoticed and unwanted when they say nothing at all." ~Kathryn Burns

"A BETA Reader is much more than just an editor.  They are a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a critic, and often the biggest fan the writer can have." ~ Kathryn Burns


Howling Wolf Earrings The perfect gift for a Sentinel or wolf fan.

Firecatt's Bookstore ; An associate
Now you can purchase books from this site. My latest offering is the Howdunit Writer's Guide series .

Firecatt's Favorites::
This is a list of my favorite stories. These are all on other people's pages and are direct linked to the story unless they are part of a series.

Recomended to ALL!! Even if you don't like Star Wars.  An Awesome story for all the family to read!! Don't take my word, read it yourself, its worth the time!!  5 STARS!!!!
         By: Cassia

       Summary: Lost and alone, Obi-Wan is dying of an incurable desease.
         Qui-Gon is desperate to find him, but time is running out.
         With death drawing near, the Padawan's only hope is... a miracle.

Ducking Responsibility , Happy Birthday Your Dead, and Mad Rabbit- Running on the Edge of Insanity by DeckerM. ( Shadowrun ) These are all by one of the premeir Shadowrun writers on the web. All can be found at DeckerM's place.

 INHERITANCE by Shapcano. All his stories can be found at Shapcano's Shadowrun Stories. Shap is another of the great Shadowrun authors.  His page has 3 full novels and lots of short stories. He also features stories for other authors.
Check out Tat's stories, especially A Last Jest.  and The Water Fight.

My Guide Has Fleas by Robyn ( The Sentinel) This is my favorite of all the Sentinel stories I have read. It never fails to send me into a giggle fit. :-)  You can find the rest of her stories at Becky and Robyn's Sentinel Page

My Empyrean by Robyn ( The Sentinel )

WANTED by Susie  ( The Sentinel ) This is a series.

The GPD series by Susan Foster ( The Sentinel ) I don't usually like AU's but for this series I will make an exception. They are great.

Team Building by TAE  ( The Sentinel)  You can find the rest of her stories at WolfPup's Den

Team Building 2 by TAE ( The Sentinel / Highlander)

Team Bulilding 3 by TAE  ( The Sentinel )

Puppy Love by Emerald ( The Sentinel )  You can find the rest of her stories at WolfPup's Den

The Phil Stories by Saga ( The Sentinel {Are ya'll begining to see a pattern here? >G?})

You can find more on my Links Page ~ Resources for authors and fan fiction sites.

This has nothing to do with fan fiction but I wanted to share these web sites with you.




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