In Sahaja Yoga there is a simple classification of personality and behavior based upon the effect that such behavior has on the subtle mechanism. For example, people that predominantly use the Ida Nadi, the left side emotional energy, are referred to as being left sided. Similarly people that predominantly use Pingala Nadi, the right sided physical and mental energy, are referred to as being right sided.

In reality the distinction is not so clear as we all display both types of behavior, but there is often a tendency to display one form of behavior over the other.

For the Kundalini to rise optiminally, these two channels have to be kept in balance. This can be achieved by employing the various techniques to balance the subtle mechanism, but to maintain this balance we have to start leading a more moderate and balanced lifestyle and avoid those extremes that take us too far into one side or the other.

Being balanced is conducive to the development of the Shushumna Nadi, the Central Channel, which is the spiritual energy that evolves us. We cannot evolve in the other two channels.


The right side gives us our physical and mental energy. If, through our behavior, we use this power too much, these energies may result in a negative expression.

Here are some typical positive and negative characteristics of the right side:
Reliable & hardworking Concerned with material advancement
Energetic, not at all lazy Likes to manipulate and control others 
Good organisers Always too busy to stop and relax 
Responsible Pushes oneself & others too hard 
Tries to improve oneself Aggressive and dominating 
Prepared to help others Critical and judgemental of others 
Good decision makers Arrogant & rude, can be cruel 
Clear thinkers Talks too much 
Ability to achieve goals Always on the go, but exhausting to be with 
Takes initiative More interested in work than the family 
Dynamic Never satisfied, always wants to do more 
  Egotistical & overconfident 
  Always thinking & planning well ahead 
  Mind over active & races 
  Overly competitive 
  Often oppressive 
  Overly independent 

Happy when busy Dry unemotional personality  Inability to forgive others
Takes pride in what one does Insensitive to the emotions and needs of others  Likes talking about oneself
  Anger and resentment  Impresses with deeds, possessions & talk
  Jealousy Likes to control others
  Impatience & irritability  Likes to tell others what to do
  Frustration Enjoys being one up on you
  Loneliness Always looking for compliments
  Contempt for others Sees self as better than others
    Likes to intimidate others
    Aggressive when challenged, can be violent
    Likes being center stage
    Likes to persecute left sided people
    Likes to show off


The left side gives us our desire and emotional energies. If, through our behavior, we use this power too much, these energies may result in a negative expression.

Here are some typical positive and negative characteristics of the left side:
Kind & gentle Can be very lazy
Understanding Over emotional
Creative Living in the past
Loyal to family & friends Emotionally demanding
Sympathetic Emotionally manipulative
Spiritually devotional Lethargic
  Complains but doesn't take action
  Habits & addictions
  Overdependant on others
  Overindulgent in food & comforts
  Finds it hard to say no to others
  Gullible & easily lead or influenced
  Confused mind clouded by excess emotions
  Too quiet, doesn't talk much
  Overly self-conscious
  Sulky behavior
  Can be sloppy
  Blind faith
  Doesn't stand up for oneself

Loving Guilt Inability to forgive oneself 
Sensitive to needs & emotions of others Fear & insecurity Low self-esteem 
Concern for others Sadness Critical of self 
  Depression Shy and lacking in confidence 
  Moodiness Seeks approval from others 
  Despair Self-pity 
  Rejection Helplessness - victim behavior 
  Loneliness Sense of inadequacy 
  Anxiety & Apprehension Fatalistic 
    Defeatist attitude 
    Very conditioned by the past 
    Adaptive to others
    Likes to be told what to do


With the practice of Sahaja Yoga the central channel, Shushumna Nadi, is awakened. And as one’s self-realisation develops the attention starts to get sucked away from the extremes of the two side channels, ie the past & future, and comes into the centre, ie the eternal present.

This does not mean that the positive qualities of the left side emotions and the right side power of action are denied, but on the contrary they are developed further, but within a framework of balance which is conducive to our spiritual evolution.

Careful study will show that it is the extremes of the two side channels which give us the negative experiences, as our consciousness moves into the subconscious (left side) or the supra-conscious (right side).

After realisation, as the right side gets purified, and the ego comes down, we become more dynamic in action and our minds become clearer as the thoughts reduce. Similarly as the left side gets purified and the superego diminishes, the emotional nature becomes cleaner and we develop a greater capacity to love and enjoy in the present.

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Aleksey Yelesin


August 24, 1999