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Melungeon Research

  1. Description of the ALHN - The American Local History Network

  2. Open Directory Project Melungeon Category,,
    a list of many recommended Melungeon links.

  3. Melungeons and Other Mestee Groups by Mike Nassau, 1994. Full-text, on-line book with annotated bibliography.

  4. Melungeon Origin Discussion Group. An E-Group with information and links on Melungeon history and origin theories.

  5. Melungeon | Google Groups. An E-Group with a lot of information and links on Melungeon history and genealogy.

  6. Melungeon Heritage Association. The group which has sponsored the Unions and other Melungeon meetings, which supports Melungeon research. This site has links to many other pages, such as papers by Gilbert, Edward Price, Henry Price, etc., plus more recent papers like "North to the Mountains" (Carmel Melungeons) and the full article "Graysville Melungeons." Has many features from Darlene Wilson's discontinued "Melungeon Homepage."

  7. A MELUNGEON HOME PAGE. This site was the premier site for Melungeon information, by Darlene Wilson. It had many links. Some of these links are now on the Melungeon Heritage Association webpage (above).

  8. What Is A Melungeon?

  9. Graysville Melungeons An article on the largest Melungeon community, in Rhea, Roane and Hamilton counties, Tennessee, and the only incorporated town with a Melungeon majority. Also available at Rootsweb

  10. Melungeon Mailing List Homepage is the best place to search for Melungeon genealogical and family information. Be sure to search their archives for old messages.

  11. Walking Toward the Sunset: The Melungeons of Appalachia By Wayne Winkler (Book, click "preview this book" button to see text.

  12. MELUNGEONS - Yesterday and Today By Jean Patterson Bible

  13. North from the Mountains: The Carmel Melungeons of Ohio by John S. Kessler and Donald B. Ball (paper presented at Third Union).

  14. NORTH FROM THE MOUNTAINS: A Folk History of the Carmel Melungeon Settlement, Highland County, Ohio by John S. Kessler and Donald B. Ball (Book, click "preview this book" button to see text.

  15. Gowen Research Foundation

  16. The Melungeon Health Education and Support Network

  17. Hancock County, Home of the Melungeons

  18. Intro to "The Melungeons: ... Ethnic Cleansing in America" by Brent Kennedy

  19. "The Melungeons: The Resurrection of a Proud People: An Untold Story of Ethnic Cleansing in America" by Brent Kennedy. Click on "Preview this book" to see text.

  20. A Geographic Analysis of White-Negro-Indian Racial Mixtures in Eastern United States. By Edward T. Price (1953). The Association of American Geographers. Annals 43 (June 1953): 138-155.

  21. Melungeon Family Genealogy Forum is another place to search for Melungeon genealogical and family information. Be sure to search their archives for old messages.

  22. Letcher County, Kentucky - Genealogy

  23. Jack Goins Research - Study of Melungeon and Appalachian Families. While there, be sure to look at
    Melungeons: And Other Pioneer Families, book by Jack Goins on history of Melungeons.

  24. The Melungeons. Note that the famous Vardy Collins was far too old to have served in the Civil War. There was a Vardy Collins, maybe his grandson, who served in the Union army. There was no Vardy Collins in the Confederate army. Almost all Melungeons who fought in the Civil War were in the Union Army. This identification was so strong that for a time "Melungeon" meant a person from Tennessee who took the Union side.

  25. Melungeon Definition 2000 (an attempt to define Melungeons by a committee of people doing Melungeon research)

  26. Melungeon Research and Links Read the article on Melungeons by The Wall Street Journal - The Wall Street Journal

  27. The Melungeons -- Blue Ridge Country magazine

  28. Mountain Wonder - Welcome The Online Guide to Wise County,Virginia

  29. The Mystery of the Melungeons
    by Nancy Sparks Morrison

  30. The National Melungeon Registry, Wise Co. VA Historical Society

  31. The Spanish Pioneer in United States History : The Melungeons: The Pioneers or the Interior Southeastern United State 1526-1997
    A book by Eloy J. Gallegos.

  32. Mountain Ties

  33. The Louisiana Redbones, also at The Louisiana Redbones

  34. Under One Sky Melungeon Newsletter - Under One Sky is a newsletter of Melungeon research and history by Bill Fields.

  35. I'm Homeward Bound, A Kirkpatrick Home Page

  36. Southeastern Kentucky Melungeon Information Exchange by Bill Fields


  38. Black Dutch - eight meanings of the term.

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