The ultimate and most comprehensive book what covers ALL the items in the Sandwich Pattern sold by Tiara Exclusives. A pic of every shape as well as what colors were made in that shape. There is a section that covers every color as well as the unusual colors and shapes, full color pic as well as black & white pic. I have spent several weeks enjoying the quality as well as the information for each color.

If you collect the Sandwich items sold by Tiara Exclusives or any of the other earlier manufactures this book is for you. If every one purchased this book I would never have to answer another email about the Tiara Sandwich pattern.
Mandi has out done herself with this publication.

If you do not purchase this book NOW don't blame me when they are no longer available

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Basic Information of Tiara Exclusives

The reproduction of some of the Tiara Catalogs gives an overall look at many of the wonderful glass items sold by Tiara
By Ron Teal Sr.
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