Special Thanks to;

My Grandfather Jaime Rodriguez Rodriguez who was responsable of my first MASK Toy.
He loved me very much. !Rest in Peace with the love of God.

My Parents Hector Rosario Ramos & Nereida Rodriguez Rodriguez, both had a war with
me because I used  a lot of money to buy my collection and used the computer all time. Anyway, They are my masters in this world and They love me without Conditions.

My Aunt Sara Rosario, because of her I started my collection in 1998 and She helped me with my Bad english in my first "transactions".

My cousin Rafael Alejandro Rosario who helped me to design this page again...and used
of his time to help me.

Double Platinium Thanks

The Responsable of our Lifes...God (My Lord)
& Mary (the person most important in this world, she received the
son of GOD, nothing less...

Imagine a world where
there is more to reality
than meets the eye.
Where the Illusion and
deception team up with
man and machine to
create a world of
sophisticated vehicles
and weaponry, manned
by agents and counters

The PNA   
(Peaceful Nations 
Alliance) look to 
MASK to save the
world of domination 
by VENOM.Thus
the scene is set for a    confrontation such
as  the world has 
never  seen before.
Welcome to the     
World  of MASK
(Mobile Armored  
Strike Command)
lined-up against  
MASK is the deadly   team of  Terror 
known as VENOM 
(Vicious Evil  Network of Mayhem Mayhem)..

Since 7/31/2002
Where illusion is Alive...Yet
to my M.A.S.K. Page... is yours too.!!
My Name is Jose M. Rosario Rodriguez

To your Order

This Place was made for the collectors
& Dreamers.You will find information of each MASK & VENOM Agent,Toys for sale, Cartoons, Rare items, loose pieces, Kenner Catalog...and more eventually. Do not loss this site...all the information, pictures, comments, news, etc... it will change constantly. More extras soon.
T-Bob !! ... He`s starting all over again
GO !!
God is for all the Nations
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