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Issue #2, March 2007

Table of Contents:

-Statement of Intent
-The Convenience of Not Thinking: On Ideological Boxes
-Setting Hell on Fire: Solidarity and Destruction in Bangladesh
-Repression as State Strategy
-Repression and its Discontents
-This is What Recuperation Looks Like: The Rebellion in Oaxaca and the APPO
-The Harvest of Dead Elephants: The False Opposition of Animal Liberation
-The Six Nations Land Reclamation
-The Arms of Exploitation: On Development and Technology
-Fortress Everywhere: Technology and Control at the Border
-Stop that Train: A Short Introduction to the TAV
-Impressions from the Struggle Against the TAV
-Action Reports


Issue #1, March 2006

Table of Contents:

-We are too Young to Wait
-Solidarity is a Weapon: on the Recent Repression
-Fragments from Argentina
-Revolt and Misrepresentation: A Few Points on Analysis
-Fire at Midnight, Destruction at Dawn: Sabotage and Social War
-Insurrectionary Anarchist Projects and Social Conflict in Vancouver
-Struggle Against Deportation and Detention Centers for Immigrants
-Strangers Everywhere: About Some Anarchists Arrested in Lecce
-Casualties of a Social Disaster: Immigrants and the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
-Action Reports