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Published Works:

A Safe Place- An alternate sort of idea for Existance and its events.

Chasing Darkness- The standard post-Orison with a Hawkman twist.

Drowning- A short vignette written as a fic challenge in ten minutes.

Everything- Sequal to "Something Left."

For Magic, For Life- A mid-Per Manum, dealing with the in-vetro attempts and the emotional toll it took on the characters.

He Makes Me Whole- A short vignette written as a fic challenge in twenty minutes... based on the events of the FTF hallway scene.

I'm Here- What we all wish would have happened in the early parts of season eight.

Miracle- My first fic, a post-Requiem; Mulder returns.

More than This- A mid-Requiem, a continuation of the spooning scene.

My Life- Mid-Per Manum, a continuation of the last flashback.

My Only- Another "what-if" scenario of Mulder's return.

NEW! One Moment- Summary Not Available.

Painfully Familiar- A continuation of the end scene of Empedocles-- Mulder and Scully re-discover each other.

Softly- Scully's cancer returns and Mulder offers her what love and stabliity he can.

Something Left- Another "What-if" scenario of Mulder's return-- a broken Scully is reunited with her partner.

The Element of Life- Post-DeadAlive... Mulder comes home.

Turning Out The Lights- The end to a long case.

Non Published Works:


7x17- all things

8x08- Per Manum

7x22- Requiem

7x18- Hollywood A.D

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