Roman Scandals


The organizers, Helen, Liesa, Cathie and Andrew, met at Helen’s to finalise preparations. This involved donning togas and laurel wreaths, and drinking a glass of wine. They then headed off to Kuta by taxi, and stopped near Kuta Square to confirm that the "chariots" would turn up at designated venue at the appointed time. The sight of four westerners in purple togas turned the odd head, particularly those of Japanese tourists.

At the first venue,
Papa's restaurant, across the road from the beach. the owner had seemed to have got the dates mixed up, but everything was fine. The waiters were in-serviced about about the token system - three beers or arak cocktails for everyone. The plebeians started to arrive, and they'd all done well with their attire.

The bacchanalia was upstairs, in an open area, and the sunset, from the
balcony, was beautiful.  Special "Roman Jandles" awards (gold-painted thongs mounted on card) were presented to Steve and Betty and Riki and Lisa for the best costumes.

Liesa started to get toey because the chariots hadn't turned up, and she bet Andrew a bottle of wine that they would not arrive. She lost.

After a second team photo, the assembled reprobates boarded the chariots, and began their triumphant procession to the next venue. They turned into Jl. Melasti, and then into the back streets, coming out beside Subway in Jl. Legian. A short parade ensued down the street to Nero's restaurant. Helen tee-ed things up with the owner, who was great. She'd enjoyed her arak cocktails at the first venue, because she thought she'd lost the money. Luckily, she had given it to the owner of Nero’s as she’d walked in.

three-course dinner was delicious, although one fish dish was sent back. Andrew conducted an oral Roman quiz. Gail got the third Roman Jandle Award for doing well in the quiz, with strong competition from Judy, Murray, Ali and Hamish. A great time was had by all.

From there, most of the Romans boarded taxis and proceeded to Loco Bar in Jl. 66. Over strawberry a margarita each, they conducted a learned discourse about the evening’s events. Steve and Riki were recruited to play Aussie Rules for Malaysia, against Bali, the next day.

Reports filtering in from the outposts of the Empire the next day revealed that all participants had had a truly glorious time. For example, Steve and Riki didn’t quite make it to the football match, and Liesa wondered what happened to her toga.


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