China in 10 Days

We only had a week's holiday, but with a weekend at each end, ten days seemed enough to sample the most populous nation on Earth. The planning was deceptively simple - direct flights to and from Surabaya. However, inspection of the itinerary the week before found that we'd been booked to fly out a day too early, and had to re-book via Jakarta. We landed on the Friday night, and asked where the airport hotel was. It was, as it turned out, directly above "Arrivals". The longest walk we had was from the lift to our room.


After an excellent sleep, we boarded the Cathay flight for Honkers. Cathie met us at the airport, and a trip on the airport train and a bus found us in Cathie's flat - Block 25, 6B, in a complex of 40 towers, each with 40 floors, and 8 apartments a floor.


A ferry and bus trip found us in Central, and then another bus took us to the tram to The Peak. A spectacular view and some fairly touristy shops greeted us. We stuffed ourselves in an American-style place, and then descended to the city.


In Lan Kwai Fong we had a drink amongst all the expatriates, tourists and bar girls, before returning to South Horizons for the night. In the morning we ferried across to the Jumbo floating restaurant for a very nice yum cha.


We caught a bus to Stanley and shopped around the markets, before stopping at Cathie's school for a look, and following up with a coffee at Starbucks. Cathie went home, and we shopped for a while around the Central area.


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