I live in Guangzhou, the place where most of the world's consumer goods seem to be made. It looks like a pretty good place to live, if you don't mind apartments. There are modern facilities everywhere, such as enormous malls and the expanding subway system, as well as cheap markets and great restaurants. I haven't even scratched the surface yet.


After 11 years in Indonesia, I am working at Utahloy International School, teaching mainly Maths and Science. My wife, Helen, is the Primary School principal. We wanted to work in a school that offered all three Programmes of the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

We have enjoyed living in Java, and have visited some beautiful places. You do not have to go very far from Surabaya to find scenery that equals anywhere else in Asia, including Bali.

I like playing guitar and harmonica, reading, especially good fantasy stuff, and getting about Bali and Indonesia. I also enjoy playing golf (well, when I get a reasonable score) and cricket. Several years ago, I completed the Landmark Forum and Advanced Course, which gave me a new degree of control over my life.

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