I lived in Hiroshima for a year with my family in 1985-86. During that time we had the opportunity to travel within Japan, to Kyuushuu, Shikoku and various parts of Honshuu.

Hiroshima is a wonderful place to visit, and to live. The people are very friendly, and we were fortunate enough to live in a Japanese neighbourhood, and became friends with many wonderful people.

Most people visit Hiroshima because of Heiwa Koen (Peace Park), and the A-bomb Museum. Both are very moving.

My favourite place near Hiroshima, amongst many, is Miyajima, where the shrine dates back a thousand years. Other great places to visit include the castle, Mitaki, and the nearby city of Iwakuni.

My ex-wife and I had a bit to do with expatriate peace activists. I also played guitar in the best foreign band in Hiroshima (well, the only foreign band).

Lyndsey, Sean and I went on a sister-city trip to Susono, 12 years ago. We also got down to Hiroshima to visit our ex-neighbours, the Ishizus.Helen and I went two years ago, and really enjoyed our experiences. I'd love to live there again,someday.

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