On Thursday, January 11, 2001, we went to the Puri Santrian Hotel in the afternoon, and caught up with Sheryl's friends, Felicia and Vikram, after their recent marriage. After a drink on the beach at the hotel, we went to La Lucciola, a beachfront restaurant near Kuta, for tea. We had a lovely meal.


Next we cruised Jl. Legian, in Kuta, and parked near the New Bounty Hotel and walked around. We had a drink at Kori restaurant, in Poppies Gang II, and then came home.


It was about 10.30pm when we went to sleep. At about 12.30am, we both were woken by a noise. The dining area lights were on, but the garden lights weren't - they fuse when it rains, which it had been doing for days. I heard a second noise, and went into the bathroom. Through the big glass window, I could see the shadow of someone carrying our ladder towards the small section of wall shared with next door.


I yelled, and the person dropped the ladder and disappeared. I found some clothes, and the torch - I wasn't going to turn our lights on because that meant the thief (or thieves {we didn't know how many}) could see us, but we still couldn't see them. The dogs hadn't barked, so I assumed that there was at least one person still in the garden.


I went into the garden, and around the side to outside the bathroom. I was dismayed to see the stereo and one of its speakers on the ground, ready to be lifted over the fence (or so I thought). I went into the lounge and turned on the lights. Most of the rock CD's, the stereo and both speakers, and the VCR were gone. The cat was inside, and must have been bumming around the thief, trying to get him to feed him.


I went out the front gate, and there was no-one around. The useless dachshunds seemed terrified, and wouldn't move off their cushion. There was a light on in the pembantu quarters, but no-one came out when I called. I rang the police, and a bloke said he would come. I walked up to the main street and down to the other end of the villas. Absolutely nobody was in evidence.


By this stage we had all the lights on. I got the ladder and looked over the neighbour's fence. There were lights on, but we thought no-one was home. I went out the front and rang their bell. No answer, so I kicked their gate in. I didn't go in far, but there was no movement, and no apparent way of getting around the back. I tried the next villa's bell, but there was no answer. (It turned out that, instead of rushing to someone's aid, as I assumed people would, everyone here panics and locks themselves in. There were people in both villas and Putu, the gardener was in the pembantus' quarters. )


Back inside our place, we discussed theories of who the thief could be. I was very suspicious of Putu, and thought he may have had a pile of stuff in his room. (When I finally convinced him to come out, without me kicking his door in, there seemed to be nothing.) Sheryl said that the thief may have climbed a coconut palm, and could be still there. I went back out with the torch. One tree leans against the roof over our bedroom. When I shone the torch upward, there was the second stereo speaker wedged between the tree and the roof. I got the ladder and climbed up. The VCR was on a flat area of the roof, in the rain. (It works though).


Having not been on the roof before, I hadn't realised that the flat area was connected with the villa next door. It seems as though the thief had gotten up on the neighbouring villa's fence from the place behind, carefully made his way across two metres of shared fence, then on to the roof and down.


The police rang to say that they couldn't find our place, and could I come and make a report? I did so, and two policemen followed me back. They were very nice, but not helpful. I gave them Rp50,000 (~A$10), in the interests of good networking, which they seemed reluctant to take, and they went. We eventually got back to bed at about 3pm, and asleep more than half an hour later.


The next morning we slept in. The owner had been and gone away, but rang, and then arrived. He was fairly dismayed about the whole thing, but I don't think he'll be any help. He said the security man was sick, and didn't arrive until 3am. The police didn't leave until at least then, and no-one had turned up. So, in the end, we lost the remote controls for the CD player and the VCR, and at least 35 CD's.


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