This page is devoted to my newly engaged/married friends!
Kara Johannsen and Brian Ohorilko - April 4, 2003

Kara has been one of my best friends for years! We've been through many traumas and endless laughs. I was so excited when I got the phone call that Brian had proposed to her. Although I will be sad to see Kara leave my world to be a big grown-up, Kara and Brian are a beautiful couple with a bright, bright future ahead of them. I wish them nothing but the best!

Kara and Brian's Wedding Site
Alison Looney and Dan Chibnall  -  July 29, 2003

Alison has been a good friend of mine since Junior High. She always knows how to make me laugh, and has always been there for me. Through our many years of our "special anti-RS" club, band, boys, and haircuts, Alison will forever hold a special place in my heart.  And Dan.....well...Dan's a Cardinals fan, so he's obviously cool! I'm so happy for you two lucky ducks!
Laura Kay Payne and Cormac Canon  -  June 25, 2005

Laura and Cormac got engaged one bright sunshiny afternoon at the Hawkeye football game.
Laura has been my friend through our many years in band when we were just wee ones. She's been one of my best friends for so many years....can't even count them on one hand anymore. =) I couldn't think of anyone better than Cormac for her. They will make beautiful music together. Love you both!!
Shalene Bogardus and Keith Veretta - August 7, 2004

I must say I was shocked when Shalene called and told me she was engaged, but I couldn't be happier!! Shalene deserves nothing but the best, and I know she's found that in Keith!
Beth Thompson and Brandon Zelle - May 30, 2004

Never thought Beth would be engaged before me, but I am ecstatic for her and Brandon!! They are a beautiful couple and will be so happy for all of their married life.  Can't help but be a tad jealous that she gets to do all that fun planning, but I am so happy I can be a part of it! Congratulations sweetie!