"But wherever they go, all the young people of Avonlea, the memory of this place, the land, the sea, these things will never be forgotten but will remain in our hearts forever."
Road to Avonlea - The Television Series
Anne of Green Gables - The Mini Series
Information on what the projects of cast members of Anne, Avonlea and Emily are doing and will be doing.
Road to Avonlea Episode List
Plot Summary - A Summary of Each RTA Episode
Micheal Mahonen (Gus Pike)
Quotes from Avonlea
A Tribute To Colleen Dewhurst : 1924 - 1991
Pictures from Anne, RTA, Emily, and more...
Paintings inspired by the writing of LMM
Awards won by AOGG and RTA
Anne 3 - The Continuing Story
Prince Edward Island - Info on P.E.I Canada
Other Projects by Kevin Sullivan
Webrings Links to Our Webrings
The Postoffice -    E-mail, Listbot, etc.
Emily of New Moon - Novels and Television Show
Awards,  Unrelated links and other such gems
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