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200 year old English Armoire. The door had a large crack in the center, as well as deformation. I first made the door wet and added pressure in order to make it straight for a period of one week. Afterwards, I glued oak wood to the back of the door. At the end I filled the crack, retouched and polished.


American oil painting. The face of the painting was scratched and I used water color to retouch it using water based varnish. If the client doesn't like the result in the future, the changes can be easily removed with water.For the missing pieces in the frame I used wood epoxy and gold leaf.


The Ms. asked that these newly made shelves would look 200 years old in order to match the rest of her furniture. I made a sample from a compostion of diffrent color stains, after I got an aproval from my client, I used it, and ended with french polish.

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1999 Darius Gubala