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Getting drunk in AD&D and it's consequences....

Very often in AD&D we tend to omit certain facts of everyday life that can spice up the game no end. To take one example drunkenness is one topic that could so beautifully adapt itself to roleplaying. Spells can be miscast, attacks are all clumsy and haphazard, thinking is foggy at best, so here are some rules I have devised to adjust for this deficiency, you are free to use them and indeed I would greatly appreciate it if you E-mailed me any comments about the new rules.

First of all, some people just can't get enough alcohol, so to determine whether the player character is an alcoholic, roll a percentile die, any roll of 10 or less indicates that the player must roll a will power check at -6 any time he comes across alcohol.

But the degree of drunkenness also varies, so to determine just how drunk one is, see how much alcohol has been drunk and roll 1d6, if the number is less than the number of mugs drunk then one is drunk. But just how drunk is he? Well to determine the degree of drunkeness roll 1d4/mug drunk and add them up, check the result on the table below and voila, you have the drunkenness level (DL).



1 Slightly tipsy


2 Slightly dizzy, not too drunk


3-4 Head spinning


5-6 Standing still becomes difficult


7-9 Head swimming


10-14 Barely standing


15-20 On the floor singing merrily


21+ On the floor snoring loudly


Once the DL has been determined, it is time to see how things are modified for the player characters: First of all any surprise rolls are made with a minus the DL. Also, any attacks are also made using the DL and the AC of the drunkard is increased by his DL as well as loosing any dexterity bonuses he has. Any checks or saving throws likewise incur the minus DL penalty, but a twenty always passes a ST. The drunker one is the less attacks he can do, so for every 2 DL's subtract one attack/rd. But when very drunk keeping steady isn't too easy so a dexterity check must be rolled(with the penalty) every attack to see if the character remains standing.

Sometimes the adrenalin rushing through a drunkard's body is enough to sober him. So every round of attack a ST vs paralyzation(with penalty) must be rolled to see if the character starts sobering up, every time the saving throw is passed decrease by one DL.

Spellcasting is still possible but the chances of getting the words and gestures right at certain DL's becomes near impossible to get just right. To check if a spell is cast well add the spell's level and the DL and add 3 to the result. Roll 1d20 and if the result is greater than the previously obtained number the spell is well cast otherwise refer to the table below to see what went wrong.

Roll Result
1-20 spell fails to materialize
21-30 spell materializes then fizzles away
31-40 spell energy materializes and explodes around the caster in a colourful spectacle
41-50 spell energy explodes inflicting 2d4pts of raw spell energy dmg in 10' radius
51-60 spell functions at minimum possible effect
61-63 spell functions at maximum possible effect
64-66 spell functions at twice maximum effect
67-69 spell energy gets perverted and spell is cast on caster, if caster was the original target then another random creature is chosen.
70-72 spell energy tapped is too great, causing caster to age 3 years.
73-80 spell energy tapped is too weak, spell works normally but drains caster of 1d4hp/spell level
81-83 random spell from caster's current arsenal is cast instead.
84-86 spell works but caster falls into comatose slumber for 1d6 turns after completion of spell.
87-89 spell energy gets totally perverted and the caster increase to twice his normal size for 2d4 rounds and his hp are increased to twice his normal full health.
90 spell energy causes point of randomly chosen characteristic to increase or decrease by one (50%) chance.
91 spell works at maximum effect and caster grows younger by 1d4 years.
92 spell energies too great to handle caster rolls system shock roll or changes alignment to chaotic.
93 spell causes impairment to caster roll 1d6:
1 Deaf
2 Blind
3 Blind and deaf
4 loss of motion in arms or legs (50%);limited wish,wish,heal
5 loss of motion in arms and legs; limited wish, wish, heal
6 Mind ruined can't cast spells again, wish needed.
94 caster forgets all other memorized spells
95 spell doesn't work but gets imprinted on caster's mind for good, caster can cast that spell at will, no material component,casting time 1
96 spell energies send caster to random plane
97 spell energies involved not controllable spell explodes inflicting 1d12+2/spell level in 100' radius
98 spell energies involved not controllable all creatures in 100' radius system shock or becomes raw energy and pillar of bright light is formed where creature was, light will shine for creature's wieght in days eg:100lbs = 100 days.
99 spell energies so incontrollable caster's characteristics all increase by 1, age decreases by 1d4+3yrs, random spell currently known by caster is imprinted in caster's mind, but his mind shall never be able to retain any more spells again. Only wish MIGHT help.
100 spell energies cause caster to stop ageing, every creature in 150' radius ages 2d10years



No. app.: 5-10
Int: 10-12
Size: 2'-3'
MR: 17/ 30charging

HD: 4-7
Thaco: 13
Dmg: 1d4(B)+3d4cold
Morale: 17
SD: iceskin / enfeebling cold radius
SA: cold charge
MR:30%+10% / HD above 4th

These arctic creatures only live in caverns or very cold locales. These caverns they live in will generally be very cold, anything below -5 degrees celsius. They are prized creatures, in that, if caught alive they can be thrown in a cellar to create a freezer. It is rumoured that Elminster keeps samples of dead creatures preserved like this, but it is highly unlikely.

They generally live to something like 35 yrs, but some have been known to live for up to 50. Their diet consists of anything, they feed by absorbing minerals through the little hairs on their body. They can feed on soil, or any other soft material their hairs can penetrate, skin can be penetrated but rock for example is too tough. They generally live in groups of five to twenty, but if found in the arctic whole colonies of up to three hundred can be found.

They are not magical creatures, but are highly prized in the mages' world as the material component for various cold- based magical items. They consist of a bluish 8-inch diameter ball and a green elongated cone-shaped body. This ball is very tough, tougher than granite, but not quite as tough as diamond. Migeba can freeze this ball at will to -80 degrees celsius. While freezing the ball a small humming sound can be heard. This provides a very good defense, since any creature attacking in melee has a -2 to attack unless immune to cold and suffers 3hp/rd. Every round, anyone that is closer than 5ft to the ball, must role a percentile die, to this add one's constitution and subtract the number of rounds spent in the cold multiplied by five and if the result is 20 or less he faints because of the cold and must roll a system shock roll every round thereafter they spend near the migeba or die.

Eg: Jolistar charges to attack a migeba. He rushes in and suddenly the cold hits him like a barrier. He starts shivering and suffers 3hp of cold damage. He attacks and at the end of the round rolls a percentile die, he gets a 40 + 14(constitution) -5(rds in cold) = 49, therefore he remains. Next round he rolls a 15 +14 -10 = 19, :. faints, roll system shock every round or die.

Once a day, the migeba can freeze their whole body till it becomes rock hard, from then on the migeba attacks with a -2 but the next three attacks on him automatically fail as though protected by a stoneskin spell.

When attacking the migeba charges at an impressive MR 30 if it has space to pick up that speed. If it hits, check if it topples by rolling a ST vs death adjusted for heavy or short creatures (+1 or 2 for both, cumulative ie: if very heavy and slightly short :+2+1=+3). The hit inflicts 1d4 pts, the cold 3d4. Every time someone or something is hit roll a ST vs death adj. for dex. or a 5" radius is frozen on the body, if using metal armour, an 8" radius and if using leather a 2". This frozen area becomes totally stiff and brittle as crystal, any attack on the frozen area has an 80% chance of smashing the area. If desired the migeba can make a called shot for the upper torso or head which if frozen results in instant death.

Migeba are impervious to any cold based attacks and if the ball is frozen recieve a +4 to their ST vs fire, though a fireball or other vast fire based spell will thaw a frozen migeba's ball or body, and be prevented from re-freezing for another 3rds if the ST is failed.

At these cold temperatures many things seem to go wrong, including magic, the energies cannot be channelled properly so for the purposes of determining whether a spell affects a migeba you can consider it to have a magic resistance of 30% +10%/HD above 4th.

Ice Golem

No. app.: 1
Int: 15
Size: 10'
MR: 14/25(flowing)

HD: 10
Thaco: 7
Dmg: 2d6+9/2d6+9
Morale: 19
SD: Melts into water and is immune to attacks
SA: Surprise
XP:still to be calculated......

This golem is one of the rarer types of golems, for it has to be kept in a cold environment. It cannot survive outside artic conditions for more than a day. One of its special defenses is the fact that it can change into water at will and flow at a MR of 25 over all terrains, up walls and even on ceilings. While in this form it is only susceptible to damage from spells since not even a sword of sharpness can affect it. While in ice form it is totally immune to cold based damage and any fire based spell merely causes it to melt and suffer 1/6 of the damage. It can refreeze at will once melted, but will generally pretend to be just a puddle on the floor and refreeze once the adventurers have passed and will attack from behind.

The ice golem also has a 30% magic resistance to all types of magic and attacks with its two fists for 2d6+9points of damage each.

NEW Magical Items

Pendant of fire absorption

Claw of flesh carving

Tome of Gliomor

Anoli's ring of polymorphing

Mobete's tome of quantities

Harnyam's cage of entrapment

Beads of cold

Slippers of Wizrdry

Pendant of Transporting

Pendant of fire absorption

XP:2500 GP:30000

This pendant is capable of absorbing magical and nonmagical fire damage to a maximum of 30+2d10hp. If this maximum is superseded the pendant blows up inflicting 30+1d10hp of fire and blast damage to anyone in a 10' radius and 20hp of blast damage to anyone in a 20' radius. This pendant recharges 1hp/turn and therefore is fully recharged after 8hrs 20 mins. If a cold based spell is cast at someone wearing a pendant of fore absorption the pendant releases some of the fire to reduce the effect of the cold and the victim only suffers 2hp/die. If the pendant is recharged, this is obviously not possible, since there is no heat to emanate.

Claw of flesh carving

XP:2500 GP:25000

This claw is a 2" black claw that attaches itself onto the wearer's baby finger's nail as soon as it comes into less than 1' from the finger. At first the claw doesn't seem to have any effect, but when in combat the claw emanates a black aura and the wearer's eyes go red. The wearer looses all control and rushes at any warm blooded enemy it sees and starts tearing and biting at the enemy till either it dies or the wearer is incapacitated or killed. The only way to remove this claw is by casting remove curse, limited wish or wish spell or by voluntarily killing and eating a close friend.

Tome of Gliomor

XP:2000 GP:20000

This tome is especially prized among female mages. It is a tome that details many ways to increase one's beauty by using special creams and oils. This tome gives the reader the ability to increase his/her charisma appearence to 18(regardless of leadership) for 1 year but after that, the whole process must be repeated. The oils and creams to not have terribly exotic ingredients and most can be purchased in any major city. The problem is that the tome disappears on first reading and the reader is the only one who knows how to make and apply the cream and oils and this tome forces him/her to guard this secret jealously and not even under a charm spell will the readre reveal how.

Anoli's ring of polymorphing

XP:500 GP:3000

This ring is a very ugly circlet of rusting iron. On it are inscribed very faintly the words "I will always love you..." This is a horribly cursed item that once worn polymorph's the wearer into a hideous deformation of his previous self. He is still recognisable for his true self, but he becomes so hideously deformed that he begins forcing himself to believe he is a true beauty and as such he doesn't want to have the ring removed. His charsima falls to 6 and all friends have to make a system shock roll or be disgusted of the former friend, as such the friend will neither touch nor speak to the cursed wearer(causing problems with healing and other touch based spells). This generally causes the wearer to abandon his friends and find a group that will accept him generally a band of orcs, kobolds or the like. A limited wish is required to revert him to his former self, but this requires a system shock roll, for he believes he really was beautiful before, or the afflicted person will hate and try to kill whoever changed him to the new 'ugly' form. A wish doesn't require one.

Mobete's tome of quantities

XP:2000 GP:16000

This tome looks like a thin flimsy collection of parchments, but when held weighs 12lbs and contains the value of everything in the world. It contains the number of people wearing red hats and a golden bracelete, the number of gold coins in the red dragon's lair on the mountain of despair, the number of times Elminster cast a cantrip, etc.... Unfortunately this tome contains so much data that to come across the particular piece of information required is very rare, and to actually find what you want requires a percentile roll/week. If the result is the reader's intelligence or less then the info is found otherwise the search must go on, the reader will not stop until he has found what he was looking for and particularly stupid readers have been known to have died searching for the information.

Harnyam's cage of entrapment

XP:1500 GP:8000

These small metal containers are cylinders(5" long 3" diameter) with a screw on lid. The lid may also be opened by means of a command word which causes the container to spring open instantly and release whatever is inside. Any living creature in this container does not need to eat or breathe but merely lives in stasis till the container is opened. Thus a creature could be diminuished by spell and thrown into one of these containers and then released in a dungeon at a later date.

Beads Of Cold

XP:600 GP:2000

These magical items are blue oval stones that feel rather cool to the touch. When they are thrown or broken a sudden wave of cold is emitted from the bead. This cold spreads out in a sphere reducing in effect as it goes along. All creatures in a 5' radius suffer 3d10, anyone in a 10'radius suffers 2d10, anyone in 20' suffers 1d10 and anyone in 50' suffers 1d4. This 50' radius can be a help but also a snag since in enclosed spaces the thrower is likely to get hit by the cold. Anyone who suffers damage must also roll a saving throw vs paralyzation with the following adjustments: 5' -2; 10' nil; 20' +2; 50' +6 or be incapacitated by the cold for 2d4 rounds.

Slippers of wizardry

XP:3000 GP:40000

These leather boots do not emanate a magical aura nor are they detected by anything but an identify spell. They look and fell like ordinary leather boots, but when worn by a wizard they trap spell energies from around the caster and transfer them to his being. They absorb part of any magic that affects the caster and give this energy to the caster as readily available spell energy which allows the caster to retain the knowledge of any spells cast.

Any spell which is cast at the wizard affects him normally and adds 1pt/spell level to the slippers' total. Every spell subsequently cast uses any spell energies trapped in the caster's own body, so it doesn't take such an effort to cast the spell and the spell is still retained in the caster's memory. Any spell cast reduces the magic energies stored in the caster's body by 2pt/spell level. Any spell that needs more points to cast than are available works to full effect and discharges all points the slipper may have accumulated, and must be refilled again.

Eg: Vildarf, a 7th level mage wearing slippers of wizardry is dueling Harnyam another mage. Harnyam casts fireball ( a third level spell which adds 3pts to the slippers). Vildarf then casts magic missile( a 1st level spell) effectively reducing the pts by 2 but retaining the memory of the spell. Harnyam now casts flaming sphere ( a second level spell) which increases the points by 2. Vildarf then casts a fireball which requires 6pts which are not available, therefore the spell works at full power inflicting 42hp but using all the slippers' points and erasing the spell from his memory.

Pendant of transporting

XP:1500 GP:20000

This powerful pendant was created by an adventuring mage who always ended up with more treasure than he could carry, so he created this powerful gem that allows the transportation of small objects. This magical item has two command words. When the gem is looked through and the first command word spoken, the place the caster is looking at is established as the place to which any objects will be transported.

The second command word is used when looking at an object which is to be transported. Upon pronunciation of the command word, any object the size of a man's head or smaller and weighing not more than 10lbs is instantly transported to the pretermined location. This transportation is not without risks and occassionaly (5%- 1 on a d20) an object gets sent to the wrong place. This can be any random location determined by the DM.


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