Trek Avis

Trek Family's Trek Avi's

Note: To download these avi's you must have an unzipper such as Pkzip and Unzip which you can get at any shareware site, or you can get Winzip at it's home page, I'm not sure if these will run on Mac computers, so unless you're sure I wouldn't download them. If you have everything you need just click away :)

FileSizeDescription 2.2Mb The Future Enterprise Saving Crusher's ship in the episode "All Good Things...". 2.7Mb The sauser section of the Enterprise-D seperating. 1.0Mb A shuttle craft launching from the Enterprise-D. 1.8Mb Picard playing his flute. 0.9 Mb A Romulan War Bird throwm by a shockwave
Video10 1.7Mb Kirk Firing on a Klingon Bird of Prey

More coming soon

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