Trek Fonts

Trek Family's Trek Fonts

Note: To download these fonts you mus have an unzipper. You can get Pk zip and unzip for free at any shareware site or you can get Winzip (which costs money). If you want Winzip click on this address If you have an unzipper please read on. If you don't know how to install the fonts once you get them in your system read on. Once you have downloaded them move them to your fonts folder (you can get there by clicking Start, Settings, Control Panel, and then Fonts.) Once they are in your Fonts folder double click on the font you want to install. A screen should come up that has the word "Done" written in the upper right corner. Click on it. Now your fonts are installed. Before you will be able to write with them though you will have to reset your computer.

A Trek Family Tip: When you put the fonts in your folder the names might not be the same as they are in these zips. To find the right font in your folder drag the font from the zip again and it will say that the font is already in the folder, but it wil use the real name. After that it should be easy to find the name.

Here are the fonts, download what ever you want

There is more coming soon. Hope you like what we have right now.

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